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The Department is part of an international academic community and participates in a number of international mobility programmes.

Study Abroad

USP has special exchange agreements with various departments in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. MPlan students can apply to spend their second or third year on Study Abroad, and Urban Studies and Geography and Planning students can apply to spend their second year on Study Abroad. All students who go on Study Abroad must have achieved an average of 60 or above at Level One or Two (with no fails). There is usually competition for places. Some institutions attract more applications than others: your tutor should be able to advise you how to maximise your chances of success, but in general this will involve expressing a preference for several institutions in your Study Abroad application. Decisions are made on the basis of evidence of prior academic achievement, including the previous year’s assessment results, and a written statement in support of the application by the student.

All students will be provided with information about opportunities for Study Abroad, the application process and deadlines. Further information on our partners and their courses is available in the USP - Student Information folder on MOLE. Courses taken abroad count toward the Sheffield degree, so that the total period of study is not increased.

Your responsibility – Whilst we will do what we can to help you apply for and succeed in your Study Abroad, responsibility for making the application, seeking any relevant approvals, meeting all regulatory and legal requirements (including those relating to immigration), and for choosing appropriate modules and courses abroad rests with you. We will offer guidance where we can on the selection of appropriate modules, but understanding the regulatory requirements of the partner university (e.g. taking the correct number of credits) is your responsibility.

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Europe (Erasmus+)

The Department has exchange agreements that enable students to spend part of their degree programme in a number of European universities, primarily through the Erasmus+ scheme funded by the European Commission. At present our agreements are with:
University of Aalborg (Aalborg, Denmark)
University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Holland)
Unviersite Lumiere-Lyon 2 (Lyon, France)

MPlan students have the opportunity to spend the second semester of the Fourth Year in one of these Universities, and Geography and Planning students can choose to do this in the second semester of their third year. Modules taken at host institutions count toward the Sheffield degree, so that the whole period of study is not lengthened. Some language proficiency is desirable in Italy and France.

Late results - Please note that the Department cannot guarantee that your results will be received from the host Erasmus+ University in time for them to be processed at our examination board and thereby allow you to graduate in the summer. You may have to graduate in absentia and be presented at the next available conferment ceremony.

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Incoming students

The Department welcomes visiting international students for the contribution they make by bringing us a different perspective on issues. Everyone benefits from having them here. Whenever you meet a visiting student from abroad please give them a warm welcome.

Help and support

Dr Berna Keskin is the Department’s Study Abroad and Erasmus+ coordinator.

You can contact Dr Berna Keskin via the following methods:
Tel: 0114 222 6933