TRP130 Housing, Home and Neighbourhood

Module Coordinator: Paula Meth


Tel: 0114 2226912

Room: D24

Module Overview

This unit aims to provide an introduction to the ideas of housing, home and neighbourhood as political, economic, social and environmental concerns. Housing and the homes and neighbourhoods that we live in are in the news every day: vulnerabilities, housing shortages, affordability, housing bubbles, ‘generation rent’, social housing, housing evictions, city-centre housing, DIY and ‘grand designs’, or debates about the domestic sphere, ‘home as a haven’, ‘benefit streets’, flooding and shack settlements, housing is often at the centre of social science research. This module aims to introduce students to this broad and diverse subject by drawing on the expertise of staff who research across these multiple themes. The module will make use of cases from the UK and abroad to illustrate trends, arguments and challenges.

Study Hours

The university recommends that you spend 100 hours on a 10-credit module. This will include:

  • Lectures
  • Self study

Module Breakdown

Week 1: Lecture
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:
No Lecture
Week 7:
Week 8: Lecture
Week 9:
Week 10:
Week 11:
Week 12:


2000 Word Essay (100%)

Key Readings

  • Smith, Susan J (editor) (2002) International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home [electronic resource]: Elsevier Science, Burlington.
  • Rowland Atkinson, Keith Jacobs (2016) House, Home and Society, Palgrave.

Skills Badging

Research Skills - Research skills: through researching academic and policy literature on housing topics.

Analytical & Problem Solving Skills - Analytical and problem solving skills: through lecture engagement and final essay, a candidate should know how to unpick and critically assess a problem in detail.

USP Specialist Skills - USP specialist skills: through lectures, reading and the essay students are introduced to a critical field in urban studies and planning, namely housing.

This module has been validated by The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and counts as credit towards Chartered membership (CIHCM).

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Before you start....

Read good newspapers searching for stories relating to housing, think about the wider issues that each story reveals or relates to.