Seminars and Events

  1. Departmental Research Seminars
  2. Delivering transformative justice in practice
  3. 3rd International Workshop on Contested Territories
  4. Feeling Class: Emotions, Bodies and the Affective Politics of Social Inequality

Research Seminars

We host an exciting and engaging research seminar programme throughout the year.

Research seminars provide the opportunity to hear about cutting edge research from across a wide range of topics and our seminars are open to all.

Wednesday 20th November

Professor Oren Yiftachel

From Displacement to Displaceability: Reshaping Urban Citizenship

Jointly hosted with the School of Architecture and the Urban Institute

16:00-17:00 | Arts Tower - The Well (16th floor)*

*Please note different time and venue to usual.

Oren Yiftachel is an Israeli professor of political and legal geography, urban studies and urban planning at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and UCL.

Wednesday 4th December

Dr Daniel Briggs

The city’s dead end: The spatial, social and structural exclusion of unwanted urban social groups in Madrid, Spain

14:30-16:00* | Teaching Room 1, Geography and Planning Building

*Please note earlier start time of 14:30.

Dr Daniel Briggs is a Consultant to the British Foreign Office who works part time at the Universidad Europea in Madrid, Spain.

Wednesday 11th December

Dr Sharada Prasad

India's Sanitation System - A new mechanism to shift risks socially, spatially and temporally

15:30-17:00 | Teaching Room 1, Geography and Planning Building

This talk forms part of a half day workshop on 'The History of Sanitation Work in the UK and India'. For information/if you are interested in attending the workshop please email: Sally Cawood (s.cawood@sheffield.ac.uk).

Other Events

Delivering transformative justice in practice

23rd-24th January 2020

This workshop will focus on delivering transformative justice in practice, with the aim of producing as a subsequent output a cross-sector funding bid for a project on transformative change.

For more information please see the workshop abstract.

3rd International Workshop on Contested Territories

Development Alternatives within Contested Territories in Latin America

29th-30th January 2020

This workshop will focus on the construction of development alternatives in the context of Contested Territories, focusing not only on previous and recent social uprisings in Latin America but also on the institutionalisation of development alternatives – for example, within Bolivia’s and Ecuador’s constitutions – as well as on more subtle conscious and unconscious day-to-day practices which put into question conventional forms of development. For full details about this workshop and how you can contribute please download the pdf (available in English/ Spanish/ Portuguese) below.

English Spanish Portuguese

Feeling Class: Emotions, Bodies and the Affective Politics of Social Inequality

Tuesday 5th May 2020

This free one-day conference will advance understanding of the contemporary working-class experience in its historical, intersectional and geographical complexities.

For more information, please see the Call for Papers.