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Research seminars provide the opportunity to hear about cutting edge research from across a wide range of topics and our seminars are open to all.

Talja Blokland

Wed 18 March, 3.30-5pm, Teaching Room 1, Geography and Planning Building

Urban institutions, urban inequalities: Reflections from the field on bad consequences of good intentions

Drawing on a number of ethnographic and qualitative interview projects this talk looks at the various ways in which neighbourhoods, understood as hubs of institutional infrastructures, may affect the reproduction of social inequalities along economic, social and cultural lines. By differentiating meanings from symbols, the talk will show that organisational sociological insights - of street level bureaucrat logics on the one hand and agents organizing their lives outside of organisations on the other - shed light on important inequality-reproducing mechanisms in settings as diverse as a doctors practice, a school, a courtroom, a graveyard or the licensing office for street musicians. This talk therefore argues that to understand urban inequalities we need to focus on the intersection of 'domestic' and 'institutional' logics.

Professor Talja Blokland is an urban sociologist who has worked at Yale University, the University of Manchester and various Dutch universities. Since 2009, she has held the chair of Urban and Regional Sociology at Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin. Her publications include Urban Bonds (Polity 2003), Creating the Unequal City (edited with Giustozzi/Kr├╝ger/Schilling, Ashgate 2016), Community as Urban Practice (Polity 2017), and various articles on race and ethnicity in the city, poor neighbourhoods, urban violence, gentrification, urban middle classes and neighbourhood relations and everyday interactions.

Other Events

Feeling Class: Emotions, Bodies and the Affective Politics of Social Inequality

Tuesday 5th May 2020

This free one-day conference will advance understanding of the contemporary working-class experience in its historical, intersectional and geographical complexities.

Poster Programme

Critical Thinking and Writing for Urban Studies Researchers in Nigeria

11th-14th May 2020

The Urban Studies and Planning Department, University of Sheffield and the Centre for Housing and Sustainable development, University of Lagos invites applications from Nigerian researchers with research interests related to urban studies, based at a Nigerian university or research institution. The writing workshops are funded through the British Academy Writing Workshops 2020, and will be held at the University of Lagos in May 2020 and October 2020 respectively.

Call for Applications

Delivering transformative justice in practice

21st-22nd May 2020

This workshop will focus on delivering transformative justice in practice, with the aim of producing as a subsequent output a cross-sector funding bid for a project on transformative change.

Workshop abstract