International graduates from the Department

Zhi Yang - MA Commercial Real Estate

Zhi YangReal Estate is a field for which I have a great passion. After graduating from the University of Sichuan (China) with a bachelor degree in Project Management, I did not have a clear career plan. I knew that I love property but I was not sure which aspect of property industry I should pursue. Therefore, I decided to apply for a MA study in the UK to learn more about the property industry and explore my interest. I compared many courses in the UK which involve property element and finally I chose the MA Commercial Property in the University of Sheffield. What attracted me most was the well-designed structure of the MA course which involves many different but essential aspects of the property market ranging from market analysis to property (investment) valuation. As a result, this course provided me with a full picture of the property industry.

It started from a number of basic economics and property concepts and ended up with advanced valuation techniques and research methods which enable me to deal with practical problems individually. To me, the most challenged part of this MA course was that it required me to be a critical thinker that I have never tried to be before. As an international student, although I suffered many difficulties in the first semester, I gained more confidence and achieved much better academic results at the second semester with consistent helps from our experienced and dedicated tutors.

More importantly, I found my specific interest during the study of Integrated Project in the second semester. I very much enjoyed learning about different valuation techniques and research methods, and found the process of collating and analysing data both interesting and rewarding. It stimulated my interests in the field of property valuation and investment, leading to my further independent study of investment theory and knowledge.

With a RICS accredited MA in Commercial Real Estate and the experience of study in the University of Sheffield, the decision to apply for the valuation position at DTZ came to me naturally. DTZ enjoys a very good reputation in terms of their various and first-class property valuation businesses in China. I feel that my academic background offers a solid knowledge base which would enable me to be a valuable addition to DTZ.

I was thrilled when I was offered a place at the valuation department of DTZ Beijing. I am very happy to join DTZ because DTZ is the only foreign property consultancy holing the Class-A (the highest level) qualification to carry out valuation works in China. My work not only involves valuing on individual property/portfolio properties but also on company’s assets before their IPO, etc. So, the job integrates property and finance, which is something that I want to pursue in the future. To sum up, I truly believe that the experience of study in the University of Sheffield will become an invaluable asset in my life.

Chunhua Liu - MA Town and Regional Planing

chunchUK urban planning education has always had a high reputation. I had already known about the epartment when I was in Southeast University in China. After gaining a BEng in Urban Planning in China, I worked as an urban planner in a local government urban planning institute for three years. The more I did practical projects, the more I became interested in planning theories which guide the material planning.

I chose the course MA in Town and Regional Planning, considering that it would bring completely different knowledge and skills from what I had learnt in China. The one year course did provide me the chance to broaden horizons and to deepen theoretical cognitive, as well as to learn practical skills. The one week internship in Southwark Council during Christmas vacation let me how the UK’s planning authority works, especially in development control and public participation.

The combination of compulsory and elective modules adapted to different needs of each student. I do like the research methods course and the integrated project course, the former introduced novel skills which I made full use of in my dissertation, and the latter interwove different aspects of a project: policy, urban design, and the economic feasibility. There was no exam throughout the whole year; I needed to collect information, analysis and write up for each assessment, this developed my independent competency for future career. In addition, the 24 hour open library---Information Commons is the best library I have ever seen. About the city, after my travel around the UK I have to say that Sheffield’s natural environment and urban landscape make it one of the most attractive cities in the UK.

I have never considered doing a PhD before I came here, the one year study and research in the department was so challenging and interesting that I am now carefully thinking about further study, of course the University of Sheffield is still one of my dream schools. I plan to find a position in Planning Institute in Nanjing and believe the knowledge and skills I learnt here would be my strong competitiveness in the job search, in the later career, and in the f

urther study.

Hei Man Au - MA Town and Regional Planning

Raymond AU

Town planning is a relatively new subject in Hong Kong compared to the long town planning history in the United Kingdom. After graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and awarded a Bachelor Degree of Social Science in Geography and Resource Management, I chose to study MA in Town and Regional Planning at the University of Sheffield, accredited by the Royal Town Planning Institute.

The University of Sheffield is one of the top planning school in the U.K.. Thus, I finally chose University of Sheffield to pursue my MA in Town and Regional Planning study. This programme provides both comprehensive training in both academic and job training aspects. And it is also a well-structured curriculum to planning postgraduate students. The integrated project enriched my technical skills and design skills. It helped me to regenerate some new ideas related to urban planning and to understand what I need to do as a planner in the future. My supervisor Dr. Liz Sharp gave me a lot of advice in writing up the final year dissertation and provided guidance to me for understand the planning field more.

More importantly, the short term placement in winter provided post-graduate student a pre-practice opportunity to work in either public or private sector before graduation. It was a precious experience to me to have placement in the Planning Department in Hull City Council allowed me to join a variety of sections such as planning enforcement team, building control team, development management (site visits and planning committee), planning policy team and delivery team. All in all, studying with various international students from Malaysia, England, Jordan, Korea, China and Hong Kong built up my social-networking skills and confidence to work with other students in the integrated project, training up my interpersonal and communication skill and providing me a chance to expose to various cultures.