Dr Tom Goodfellow wins IJURR Best Article Prize 2017

Dr Tom Goodfellow has won the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJURR) Best Article Prize 2017 for his research paper 'Urban Fortunes and Skeleton Cityscapes: Real Estate and Late Urbanization in Kigali and Addis Ababa'. In light of this, IJURR have featured the article on their website and made it free to view for one year.

‘IJURR is one the most exciting journals in the field of Urban Studies, and one that personally I have found a source of inspiration for my own research and writing, so I’m delighted to have won this award. Although the journal is one of the most global in the field in terms of its geographical scope, it has so far published very little on the particular countries that are the focus of my paper. On that level I’m also very glad that this paper is getting some attention and, hopefully, drawing greater attention among the Urban Studies community to some of the fascinating urban processes unfolding in these cities, as well as the huge challenges associated with them. It was also very gratifying to get the email about winning the prize while I was in Addis Ababa, doing some new research there!’