Infrastructure and Planning

Principal Investigator:

Aidan While


Matthew Cotton, Lee Crookes, Richard Dunning, Andy Inch, Tom Moore, John Henneberry (University of Sheffield), Richard Crisp, Will Eadson and Tony Gore (Sheffield Hallam University)


September 2014 - May 2015

This project explores how employment opportunities generated through major development and infrastructure projects can be connected to households in poverty. It will identify how and to what extent ‘local labour projects’ can support individuals experiencing multiple forms of deprivation, using the Leeds City Region as a case study.

This will be achieved by:

  • Reviewing best practice in the Leeds City Region, identifying what works and in what circumstances, including approaches to effectively monitoring outputs and outcomes. This will include case studies of recent development projects and a comparator study of another city-region.
  • Directly supporting the adoption of best practice across Leeds City Region, including work with local practitioners and ex-ante assessments of future projects and priorities.


Joseph Rowntree Foundation