Attitudes and behaviour towards the New Homes Bonus

Principal Investigator:

Craig Watkins


Richard Dunning, Andy Inch, Sarah Payne, Aidan While, Gareth Young (University of Sheffield), Hannah Hickman (Hannah Hickman Consulting), Glen Bramley, Sarah McIntosh, David Watkins (Heriot-Watt University), Dave Valler (Oxford Brookes University)


December 2013 - April 2014

Research into the impact of a new national policy, the New Homes Bonus, on the attitudes and behaviour of local government officers, elected members, housebuilders and others involved in housebuilding in England. The national study canvassed the opinions of every Local Planning Authority (achieving a 57% response rate), and via 99 in-depth interviews the views of stakeholders across 12 area-based case studies.

The key research questions addressed were:

  • what is the level of understanding and awareness of the New Homes Bonus policy, including its potential and actual financial impact for their local authority?;
  • how, and to what extent, has the New Homes Bonus influenced local authority attitudes towards new homes?;
  • how, and to what extent, has the New Homes Bonus influenced behaviour and decision making that may impact on the number of new homes being made available?;
  • how has the New Homes Bonus been implemented, including how the receipts have been spent?


Department for Communities and Local Government