Current Research Students

A list of current research students within the department is provided below.

Our students receive financial support to undertake their studies from a variety of sources. These include UK Research Councils (particularly ESRC and EPSRC), University funding (both fee waivers and scholarships offering maintenance funding), and overseas governments and funding organisations (e.g. CONACYT for students from Mexico).

Current students come from a range of countries including Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and the UK.

Name Research Area
Emmanuel Adu-Ampong The Governance of the Tourism-Poverty Nexus in Ghana: An Interactive Governance and Governability Approach
Fatima Ajia Public communications in the adaptive water utility
Sinan Akyuz The result and process of urban renewal projects in Turkey
Salman Aldalbahi The housing market in Saudi Arabia
Hanaw Amin Land use change in Sulaimaniyeh City
Divine Asafo Peri-urban development: Land acquisition, land conflicts and its effect on housing production in peri-urban Accra
Emily Ball Investigating the use of conditionality mechanisms in family-based interventions
Amy Beckett Expectations and realities of housing-driven economic growth in Doncaster
Rachael Bust Safeguarding mineral resources as national assets: a contemporary exploration
Cihan Cagil The Istanbul International Financial Center and World City Planning in Istanbul
Fiona Calder Involving customers in directing water supply and sewerage outcomes
Wang Chao The involvement of Chinese civil society in environmental planning
Annie Cruz-Porter The digital city
Debjani Dasgupta State-responsiveness, Decentralisation and Poverty-reduction
Lam Doan Predicting housing demand at the local level - Manchester and Sheffield
John Erskine The informal economy in Yorkshire coalfield communities
Uyi Ezeanah How do formal and informal institutions for delivery and accessing housing influence the quantity and quality of housing in Benin City
Sally Faulkner Acting Together Against Climate Change
Xin Feng The changing role of Chinese planners in transition
Farah Haji Mustafa Tourism planning: “Building Marvel” as the main urban tourism product in attracting visitors
Charlotte Hoole Deprivation, educational attainment and resilience in Doncaster, South Yorkshire
MinKi Jeong The relationship between urban digitisation and creativity in cities
George Jewitt A better tomorrow: Paternalism, totalitarianism, democracy
Wu-Long Jhuang Contemporary indigenous hunting, wildlife conservation and indigenous development: A case study of the Turku people in East Taiwan
Han Jiang Zero carbon housing in China
Sarah Linn Syrian refugees in Middle Eastern cities
Andy Lockhart Unnatural Markets? The Politics of Biodiversity Offsetting in England
Zhen Lu Housing and schools - social justice in China
Caroline McCalman Nuclear energy and the implications for environmentalism
Anthony McLean Integrated urban infrastructures
Emma Morales Middle Class Gatedness: Interplay of global economic forces, national policies and individual behaviours in the proliferation of middle-class gated communities. The Mexican case.
Pu Niu How ‘deliberative democracy’ could contribute to integrate the urban village into the city
Elvis Nyanzu Assessing social outcomes of property-led regeneration in urban neighbourhoods
Joanne Oldfield Low carbon planning
Timi Owei Urban politics of energy
Vidya Sagar Pancholi Towards substantive public participation in urban governance
Paul Raven Making infrastructure legible
Clare Reger Community-based energy schemes
Morag Rose The potentialities of the feminist derive for a ludic urban landscape
Hayyan Rozi Strategies for incorporating low carbon city planning into government regulations to reduce the carbon emissions of rrban areas: A case study of Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia
Paramanathan Sandran The implementation of PPP in transport in Malaysia
Radmila Schelle A critical analysis of indigenous rights discourses in Brazil
Rami Shamseen Decentralisation and the growth of core cities
Jason Slade Exploring the potential in the relationship between storytelling/narrative and planning
Milyung Son ‘Urban regeneration’ to ‘Social regeneration’: Culture and social regeneration through the Culture City of East Asia (CCEA) event initiative in Cheongju South Korea
Taekyung Song Balanced economic and social development among various regions in a country through regional human resource development policies
Emma Stevens Collective action and discourse coalitions of energy and climate change
Karwan Taha The significance of sustainability in future Erbil City urban planning
Michael Taster The creation and reproduction of policy relevant spatial knowledge and new publishing models
Svenja Timmins Territorial Stigma and Youth in Europe’s Steel Cities: Sheffield and Duisburg in Comparative Perspective
Daniel Tubridy Future Urban Infrastructure
Bjarki Valberg Understanding Urban Design Cultures: Influence on urban design outcome through urban design practice
Jeni Vine Building cohesive neighbourhoods: conflict and rank awareness
Kirsten Ward Practices of cross-boundary strategic planning for housing in England
Gareth Young Social disorder and the built environment
Adipandang Yudono National Spatial Data Infrastructure Adoption for Spatial Planning in Indonesia
Noranida Zainal Public participation in regeneration in Kuala Lumpur
Kushtrim Zeqiri Foreign direct investments and economic growth in Kosovo
Jiazhe (Cathy) Zhu The impact of immigration on local housing markets in the UK