Adipandang YudonoAdipandang



I graduated with a BA in Geography from the University of Indonesia in 2004, followed by Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of South Australia in 2007. Between 2008-2013, I worked as lecturer at the Urban and Regional Planning Department of the Brawijaya University in Indonesia. Starting from September 2013, I’ve been enrolled as a full time PhD Student at the Department of Town and Regional Planning at the University of Sheffield.

My PhD Research Project

Currently, I’m conducting PhD research project with the title is ‘National Spatial Data Infrastructure Adoption for Spatial Planning in Indonesia’ with Dr. Alasdair Rae as my primary supervision. This research considers the issue of moving towards a consensus on sharing fundamental geospatial datasets to meet the public interest and geospatial standardization to achieve the geospatial information integration amongst government institutions and private agencies in national geospatial information provider. The significance of this study is to highlight the processes and decisions made by the Indonesian government in order to explore the potential of a NSDI in supporting spatial planning formulation at different administrative levels.

Research Interests

I love playing with Geographical Information System (GIS) to explore social sciences phenomena. Specifically, I am interested in land use suitability analysis and network analysis models correlating with planning policies and regulations.


During 2008-2013, I have taught Land use planning, Transport planning, Foundation of Information System for Planning Purposes and Advanced Planning Information System modules to undergraduate Urban and Regional Planning students at the Brawijaya University in Indonesia.