A comprehensive list of the software we have available at USSS.

USSS machines in the lab and studios have

Here at Sheffield we are pioneering the use of open source software for music. This enables you to have your own copy at home.

We also use:

  • Composers Desktop Project (CDP) - composition software for manipulating sound
  • Granulab - granular synthesis software
  • Cecilia - sound design processing environment (with self-gui development opportunities)
  • Soundgrain - granular synthesis
  • Pyo - python based computer music programming
  • Sonic Visualiser - soundfile editor and analysis tool
  • Praat - sound analysis software (esp. speech)
  • MatLab (and Octave) - mathematics processing
  • SPSS - Statistics tool
  • Lilypond with Frescobaldi - score typesetting and engraving
  • Blender - 3D modelling
  • Python - programming
  • C++ - programming

We don't just throw you in at the deep end however. In both pd and csound we have ready-made instruments that allow you to make music immediately.

Once you begin to figure out what is happening to your sounds, we 'peel back the interface' and show you how the instrument works. Then you can modify it and take whatever you need to make your own set of tools. See our teaching pages for more information as to how we blend content creation and creative computer music programming

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