Sound Junction Autumn 2010

Autumn events

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Sound Junction 2010-11 includes new sonic art from composers working at The University of Sheffield Sound Studios and talks / concerts from international guests. Our guests are key players in the development of the sonic arts: James Dashow has been a leading figure in the development of computer music since the 70s and was instrumental in the development of the MUSICx series of computer music languages; Jonty Harrison continues to direct BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre, the internationally renowned loudspeaker performance system); Neal Farwell studied in the United States and has been a Lecturer in Music at The University of Bristol since 2002; Daniel Teruggi took over direction of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales from François Bayle in 1997. The GRM has a long and proud history and continues to look forward through its impressive suite of software, GRM-Tools. USSS has taken its own huge steps in a highly original direction over the past five years, using open source software to develop new tools and provide opportunities for students from year 1 undergraduate to PhD. We now boast an impressive pool of experimental artists and programmers and provide numerous exciting creative and technical educational opportunities in state-of-the-art facilities. I encourage you to come and share in what we do. (And if you want to present your work, please do sign up for the event on the 17th December).

16th December: 7:30pm Concert in The Drama Studio. Details to follow.

17th December: 11:00am. Open Workshop. See, hear and play. (Then do your Christmas shopping)

Details: running order etc.