Sound Junction 2012 as part of the Summer Festival of Music

Concert 1: Friday 08 June, 13:10, Upper Chapel, Norfolk Row

New sonic art from composers working at The University of Sheffield Sound Studios.

  • Stephen Pearse - Overture (5:00)
  • Andrew Reeman - Ripple (10:00)
  • James Bingham - Warming Up (6:00)
  • Caterina McEvoy - Ma (7:00)
  • Fraser Parry - RomanceDanceHindrance (5:30)
  • Martin Curtis-Powell - Praedormitium (15:10)
  • Mark Summers - Treading (7:00)
  • Joe Wilkinson - Sudorific Ramblings (4:30)

Free admission

Concert 2: Friday 08 June, 19:30, Upper Chapel, Norfolk Row

Electroacoustic music and Juxtavoices

Set 1: Juxtavoices

  • White Persimmon (Alan Halsey)
  • Susie Asado (Gertrude Stein arr Alan Halsey)
  • Oneverlastartletterminaliendlessong (Alan Halsey)

Set 2: USSS electroacoustics

Adam Stansbie, Escapade, 2010, stereo, 9:44
Escapade was composed using tiny fragments of sound. At the start of the piece, the individual fragments are not perceived. Instead, they are so densely packed that they (perceptually) fuse into much larger structures; one hears the source recordings, which are largely, but not entirely, orchestral. As the piece progresses, the individual fragments become increasingly prominent; they no longer fuse into larger structures and are subsequently perceived as discrete units or entities. In this respect, Escapade was inspired by pointillistic painting a technique in which small, distinct points of colour are used to form a larger image. Escapade was composed in the studios at Musiques et Recherches, Belgium. I am extremely grateful to Annette Vande Gorne for her hospitality and support.

Adam Stansbie (1981) is a sound artist involved in the creation and performance of electroacoustic music. He has presented works at festivals and concerts throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australasia and has worn awards at the Bourges International Competition, France (2006) and the International Acousmatic Competition 'Metamorphosis', Belgium (2006). Adam has worked in various prestigious European studios (including the IMEB, France (2007,2008), Musiques et Recherche, Belgium (2009) and VICC, Sweden (2010)), has taught at several HE institutions and moves from Leeds Metropolitan University to The University of Sheffield in September 2012.

Adrian Moore, Sea of Singularity 2002, : movements 1 and 3
Movement 1: Becalmed, stereo, 4:00
This movement was composed around samples of two horses breathing, two contrasting water samples (harmonised with the sound of an accordion), a funfair and an expansive open air scene near my home. This movement is formed around two attack gestures and is otherwise very slow moving, light and reflective. Resonating with the overall title of the work, Becalmed is an escape away from the rapid flow of information in my previous electroacoustic work.

Movement 3: Thrid mint sauce (or sheep appoggiatura), stereo, 5:39
Section A: The Plaintive sounds of the flock are captured in time and contrasted with Venetian gondolas lapping against the canal-side. Section B, ties a memory of the past with metaphors of travel in another relaxed scene, leading to a new water harmonisation. The title of this movement naturally refers to some of the source material (with caricature).

Adrian Moore (Nottingham, 1969) is a composer of electroacoustic music and director of USSS. His music has been commissioned by the Groupe deRecherches Musicales (GRM), the Institute International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges (IMEB) and the Arts Council of England. A signicant proportion of his music is available on 3 discs, Traces, Reve de l'aube and Contrechamps on the Empreintes DIGITALes label (

Set 3: Juxtavoices vs. USSS

  • Guardian Weekend Remix (Michael Szpakowsi arr Martin Archer)

Tickets: £5, £3 (concessions – over 60s), £2 (students/unwaged/under 26)

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