Sound Junction 2014: Performance

SoundJunction 2014 flyer

Sound Junction takes place in the Drama Studio in the first week of April 2014. This year we will explore the performance of electroacoustic music using a unique sound diffusion system. The festival will feature original works by:

  • Students working at the University of Sheffield Sound Studios (Wednesday)
  • Concerts for instruments and live electronics (Thursday)
  • Workshops in sound diffusion (Thursday)
  • Acousmatic concerts curated by USSS (Friday)

Admission to all events: Free of charge 

Sound Junction 2014: Programme of works
Wednesday 2nd April  Concert 1. 13:00. Works by Chris Bevan, Yifan Gao, Alex Bywater, Ankit Uppal, Alex Gowan-Webster, James Rogers
Concert 2. 19:00. Works by Chris Hobbs, Ben Gaunt, Caitlin Mockridge, Jonathan Higgins, Xi Zhang, James Surgenor, Isaac Baggaley
Thursday 3rd April Concert 3. 19:30 Mustek and Max Hummus. Instruments and live electronics. 
Friday 4th April Concert 4. 13:00 Works by Robert Bentall (USSS resident composer 2013), Martin Curtis-Powell, Cat McEvoy, Ian Baxter, Dale Perkins, Steven Pearse
Concert 5. 19:00 Works by Adam Stansbie, Chris Bevan, Brenda Salgardo, Richard Orton/Archer Endrich, Adrian Moore, Louise Rossiter and Rajmil Fischman.

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