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It has been just over a century since Russolo's Art of Noises...and we have come a long way. Or have we? This theme considers the creation and performance of electroacoustic music and the nature of sonic evolution, revolution, and revelation. We may revel in the beauty of organized sounds, the challenges faced by the contemporary listener and the fascination of 'the new', but where is the dividing line between originality and absurdity?

In creation we are concerned with questions of unity versus diversity, style versus idea and the language of electroacoustic music.

In performance we are concerned with the question 'what is the work?' and the way in which we negotiate the work with very fragile audiences. We welcome papers that further define a language of electroacoustic music, especially with regards to Human Computer Interaction (technology) and creative communities (aesthetics).

Additionally we welcome papers that interrogate composition and performance as an open or closed paradigm. Finally we welcome papers that fall within the overarching themes of EMS.

A Sound Junction evening concert will conclude each day of the conference. Access to Sound Junction concerts will be free of charge.  

Please see the EMS 2015 Conference web page for more details.