Sound Junction: 25th - 27th November 2016

Featuring Annie Mahtani (Birmingham), Emma Margetson (Birmingham), Elizabeth Anderson (USA, Brussels), 3*3 York. Ticketing information. All events are free but places are limited so booking is essential. Click on each concert link to book your places. 

Concert 1. Friday November 25th 19:30

CD launch (18:15, Chancellor's Room, Firth Court).  and concert of new works by Chilean composer, Alejandro Albornoz. 

Alejandro Albornoz Concretamente
La Lumière
Un Regalito Misterioso
Jonathan Higgins City of Falling Angels 9:00
Henry Eady Colour 6:24
Christoforos Stylianou Glassware 3:44
Dimitris Savva  Moments of Liberty 1. Outside and Insight 15:00

Concert 2. Saturday November 26th 13:00

Emma Margetson Tick 7:00
Ben Storm Ghost in the Machine 5:00
Alex Gowan-Webster Kitlands 10:00
Mathew Pinker Alloy 5:00
Emma Margetson Cimbaal 7:00
Annie Mahtani Aeolian 10:00
Past links 12:00
Inversions 10:00

Emma Margetson: Tick

Link to e-margetson at Soundcloud

Tick is a piece composed around sounds of a ticking metrenome.

Annie Mahtani: Inversions

Concert 3. Saturday November 26th 19:30

Adam Stanović: Inam 11:00
Adrian Moore Inside and out...again 12:00
Adam Stanović / Inja Stanović One Byrd, Two Stones 10:00
Elizabeth Anderson l'Heure Bleue : renaître du silence 16:38
Solar Winds...and Beyond 18:00

Elizabeth Anderson: Solar Winds ... and Beyond

Concert 4. Sunday November 27th 13:00

3by3 logo USSS and Sound Junction are delighted to host York University Music Department as part of our collaborative 3*3 series (work from Leeds, Sheffield and York being performed in Leeds, Sheffield and York).
Adam Bonser Convolution 6:00
Jaden Muschett *re::cityv1_1_build_009d* 15:00
RPE Duo Broken Planet 2:45
RPE Duo Campfire in Space 4:00
Ben Eyes Shades of Life 11:15
Michele Pizzi Fricatives 5:00
Shu Yu Lin Synthesis? 8:00
Lynette Quek FLUSH 8:45