Sound Junction 2018: November 2/3: Firth Hall, Sheffield.

Featuring Andrew Lewis and John Young

Friday 2nd November

Concert 1: 17:00 - 18:00

  • USSS composers
  • Alejandro Albornoz: Sheffield 17 (2017), 7:11, stereo
  • Vanessa Sorce-Levesque: Résistance (2018), 10:00, stereo
  • James Surgenor: flux (2014), 10:20, stereo
  • John Mercer: Turing Test (2018), 8:42, 8 channel
  • Matt Pinker: Gastrophony (2018), 5:11, stereo
  • Christopher Bevan: Zephyr (2018), 15:00, 8 channel

Concert 2: 19:00 -21:00

Andrew Lewis:

  • Danses acousmatiques: Swarm (2007), 3:18, 8 channel
  • Dark Glass (2009-11, 13), 13:52, 8 channel
  • Skyline (2018), 9:39, 8 channel
  • Ascent (1994, 97), 11:43, 8 channel
  • Danses acousmatiques: Danse des gestes (2007), 6:21, 8 channel

Saturday 3rd November

CD launch: 16:30

Please join us in Firth Hall for a glass of wine to celebrate the launch of Adam Stanovic's new CD.

Concert 3: 17:00 -18:00

  • USSS composers including the UK launch of Ténébrisme; a new Compact Disc by Adam Stanovic
  • Adam Stanovic: Ctrl C (2015), 11:15, stereo
  • Jean-François Denis: Point-virgule (1990), 3:00, stereo
  • Adam Stanovic: Metallurgic (2015), 8:16, stereo
  • Dimitris Savva: Moments of Liberty III (2018), 15:05, 8 channel
  • Adam Stanovic: We are the Voices of the Wandering Wind (2018), 17:00, stereo

Concert 4: 19:00 - 21:00

John Young:

  • Tongue (2001), 13:47, stereo
  • An Angel at Mons (2014), 11:56, 15.1 channel
  • Sweet Anticipation (2018), 12:00, 16 channel
  • Three Spaces in Mid-Air (2017), 10:57, stereo

New for November 2018

Sound Junction is the University of Sheffield Sound Studios’ concert series promoting the very best acousmatic music including music made by staff and students at The University of Sheffield. If you would like to know more about our courses, concerts and music, please email Adrian Moore (

For these concerts we have been able to place loudspeakers safely at height thus enabling sound to take on a more 3-dimensional form. This very expensive equipment purchase has been made possible by the generosity of Alumni and Staff through contributions to the University’s Alumni Fund. It cannot be stressed strongly enough that whilst this equipment may only be used a few times each year, its use does full justice to the works being performed and develops the performance practice of electroacoustic music and related research.

We are grateful that donations from alumni (former students), former staff and friends of the University have contributed towards the upgrade of our concert system. Philanthropic gifts are vital to the University and laid its foundations over a century ago. In 1905, the civic vision of the University’s founding fathers was underpinned by public subscriptions – penny donations from local citizens – that resulted in the establishment of the University in 1905. Today, philanthropy continues to be just as transformative, creating opportunities for gifted students, enhancing scholarly research and its impact upon the community, providing essential capital funding and underpinning the evolution of this great civic university.

For more information about donations to the University – visit