Sound Junction 2019: April 26/27

Featuring David Berezan and Manuella Blackburn. Come and experience the music of two of the finest sound sculptors in the country. The works presented here are carefully crafted 'journeys' in sound. Presented in a large hall over 30 loudspeakers, sound surrounds you. But more than that: it moves you. The performer has control over each and every loudspeaker and as they re-animate their sounds, they bring their work to life. From the most delicate sounds flying around your head to thumping bass drones, this music creates environments that morph between the real, unreal and surreal. In addition to music from usss and guest composers, we have two sound installations running in a room nearby. Rees Archibald's Sho Study 01 on Friday 26th April and Ian Baxters' In Flight Music. Details for these installations are at the bottom of this page.

Friday 26th April - Concert 1: 17:00 - 18:00 (ticketed entry)

  • Lorenzo Prati: Coon Sfiato (10’) (diffusion by Ross Davidson)
  • Helen Nelson: Eclipse in Madras (7’)
  • Eleanor Almond: Music Box (5’) (diffusion by Adrian Moore)
  • Abigale Hall: You are beautiful (6’)
  • James Surgenor: Something from Nothing (10’)

Friday 26th April - 18:00: James Andean CD launch

Please join us for a glass of wine to celebrate the launch of James Andean's latest release on the Empreintes DIGITALes label.

Friday 26th April - Concert 2: 19:00 - 21:00 (ticketed entry)

  • James Andean: Déchirure (7’)
  • Ben Felstead: The Element (12’)
  • Che Gorka: Kaleidoscope (10’)
  • James Andean: Hyvät matkustajat (9’)
  • ---------Interval---------
  • Nori Hung: Practice Room 4 (7’)
  • Benjamin Austin: Sea of Traffic (6’)
  • Alex Barker: The Doors of Perception (6’)
  • Gregory Elliott: Alanala (5')
  • Adrian Moore: Junky (12’) - listen

Saturday 27th April - Concert 3: 13:00 - 14:00 (free admission)

JTTP prize winners' concert. Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP), coordinated by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community since 2000, is an annual project aimed at promoting and celebrating new electroacoustic works by young and/or emerging sound artists/composers from (or living in) Canada. Sound Junction is proud to present their works as part of their awards. For more details and small clips of music, please see this link. This concert is free and open to all.

  • Jon Martin — III. Seven Vignettes, from Open Doors and Parallel Windows (14’)
  • David Ledoux — I. Ville aux cent clochers, from Cathédrales (11’)
  • Ilyaa Ghafouri — Valence (7’)
  • Vincent Fillion — Québécoiseries (9’)
  • Roger Tellier-Craig — Duelle (9’)

Sound Junction is hugely grateful to the following funders (see right for links) who have enabled the presence of JTTP artists and CEC representative jef chippewa for the April 2019 edition of Sound Junction.

  • Conseil des arts et lettres du québec
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • SOCAN Foundation

More Info:
CEC homepage

Saturday 27th April - Concert 4: 17:00 - 18:00 (ticketed entry)

  • David Berezan: Lightvessels (12’) - listen
  • Ross Davidson: Solipsis (Remix) (12')
  • David Berezan: Offshore (8’) - listen
  • Adam Stanović: new work (10’)
  • David Berezan: Pivot (13’) -

Saturday 27th April - Concert 5: 19:00 - 21:00 (ticketed entry)

  • Manuella Blackburn: Javaari (10’) - listen
  • John Mercer: Voyager 3 (10')
  • Matt Pinker: Day/Night (8’)
  • Ruaridh Summers: Brutalisme (6’)
  • ---------Interval---------
  • Manuella Blackburn: Ice Breaker (7') - listen
  • Chris Bevan: Shadow Fragments (16’)
  • Manuella Blackburn: New Shruti (11') - listen


Rees Archibald: Sho Study 01

This work draws on the sound of the Sho, a Japanese traditional harmonium used predominantly in traditional Gagaku ensemble music. Both the instrument and ensemble survive from around the C11th in a fairly unchanged state. For me this sound feels like a window into the past; ethereal and rather mysterious. This was a point in history and a Japanese aesthetic based in Shinto animism, an aesthetic which welcomed the sound of music in combination with the sound of nature, such as wind in the trees, or the sounds of insects. The chancing upon unique moments that will never come again. In building a Max/MSP patch I wanted to explore these sounds both over long durations, and by expanding upon register and harmonic envelope possibilities (glissandi). I want to encourage ‘listening in’ and the development of a sensitivity to the sound and tuning, and also develop new expanded relationships using possibilities afforded by the computer.

Ian Baxter: In Flight Music

In Flight Music is a sonification of air traffic data over Sheffield direct from aeroplane transponders via the OpenSky network ( The number and movement of planes in the sky permutes changes in an organ drone based on the Hendrix chord (a dominant seventh sharp ninth).