Sound Junction Satellites

Small 8 channel gigs with acousmatic, live electronics, video in some of Sheffield's finest cultural hotspots. Each event is normally free admission and aims to present music in a much more informal environment affording chances to chat with composers and performers. Please accept a very warm welcome to this growing community.

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Friday 9th March 2018. Venue DINA. Start time 19:00. Free admission.

With special guests Pete Stollery and Richard Ingham.

Saxophone and computer

  • Boulez: Dialogue de l'ombre double
  • Stollery: 'From Aberdeen, to hamlets in the Argentine...';

Acousmatic set 1.

  • Stollery: Still Voices (2005);
  • USSS: works by Timea Farkas, Matt Pinker

Acousmatic set 2.

  • USSS: works by Aikaterini Ilia, Jaime Diaz
  • Stollery: Onset/Offset (1996)

An evening of electroacoustic music and music for saxophone and computer. We are especially honoured to welcome Pete Stollery and Richard Ingham as they tour the beautiful and delicate 'Dialogue de l'ombre double' by Pierre Boulez for saxophone and computer. In this work from 1985 the soloist 'dialogues' with their 'shadow' as the reflected instrumental sound dances around the loudspeakers surrounding the audience. The incredible Richard Ingham will conclude his performance with a short piece by Pete Stollery. Pete lives and works in Aberdeen and his piece 'from Aberdeen, to hamlets in the Argentine...' for saxophone and computer reflects upon both cities. 'from Aberdeen...' was written for Richard Ingham. Haunting saxophone lines waft over field recordings and other eclectic sounds. After a short break, Pete will play alongside composers from the University of Sheffield Sound Studios. There will be two short sets, each around 40 minutes. The event is expected to end around 9:30pm.

Sound Junction @ nobounds festival June 2017 - programme from 9th June Satellite at nobounds festival.