Sound Junction 2019 November

Friday 22nd November 2019

  • 17:00 Composers working in University of Sheffield Sound Studios
  • 18:15 CD Launch: Louise Rossiter launches her new CD which features works exploring silence, soundscape, and the first three works of the Music – Bodies – Machines project, based on the infographics of Fritz Kahn. The latest work, Neuronen, comparing the nervous system (impulse and reflex responses) of the human body to the mechanisms of a doorbell, will be a world premiere at Sound Junction.
  • 19:00 USSS + Special guest: Louise Rossiter - listen here 

we are delighted to announce that Louise will present the following three works:

  • Homo Machina
  • Fairytale Journey
  • Neuronen (Premiere)

"The visual crossover between industrialisation and science in Fritz Kahn's artwork demonstrates the means by which human nature became culturally encoded by placing the knowledge of the human anatomy within the context of the modern, industrial world. Kahn produced lots of illustrations that drew a direct functional analogy between human physiology and the operation of modern technologies of the times. Therefore, by illustrating the body as a factory, Kahn was able to relate the body’s complex organic interior to the industrialised space so common in society during the 1920’s."

"Neuronen is the fourth work completed as part of the Der Industriepalast suite – a collection of works based on the infographics of Fritz Kahn. In July 2019, I was invited to present a seminar based on my research at the University of Sheffield, and was challenged to document exactly happens when I respond to Fritz Kahn's infographics in my acousmatic compositions. This piece was composed in direct response to this challenge and intends to directly describe aurally, over 9:33, what happens in a split second, and and is repeated millions of times a day in the human body. It attempts to achieve through sound, what Fritz Kahn’s infographics do visually - that is, the understanding, or at least, some comprehension of an extremely complicated process." (Louise Rossiter)

Saturday 23rd November 2019

  • 13:00 Special guest Dimitris Savva: Moments of Liberty (complete) - listen here
  • 17:00 USSS
  • 19:00 Special guests: Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang (piano and electronics)