Refresh Options for you

Course Refresh is a new way of updating and creating your courses in MOLE. New courses will now be available to lecturers significantly earlier, offering more time to prepare courses for the coming academic year.

Instead of automatic rollover of all content and tools during summer, as has previously happened, staff will select relevant items from their previous year’s courses. In addition a new basic template will be in use to give consistency for students and to help you structure your courses. This may be a bespoke template designed by your department.

The automatic enrolment of students onto their courses remains the same, using information from the student record system, after registration.

Why are we doing this?

In 2016, the VLE Review project asked you about your experiences of MOLE: what was good, what could be improved and what you might like from a VLE. From the student and staff feedback it became clear that there were some things we could do now to make things better and to make it easier for you, as subject experts, to create and manage high quality course content in a sustainable and consistent way.

What do you need to do?

As part of Course Refresh, there are some measures you need to take in order to make your MOLE courses ready for the new term. These have been designed to be as easy as possible.

View the Refresh Checklist to help you through the process

Click here to view the refresh checklist

First Steps - Getting Started

What template will I be using?

Some Departments will have Departmental Templates.

From Monday 8 May, the 2017/18 module courses for departments using the new institutional template will start to become available in MOLE. For those departments that have their own departmental templates, these will be available from Monday 15th May 2017. Please contact your MOLE Departmental contact for clarification on this.

Click here to see if you will be working from a Departmental Template

Who is my local MOLE contact Click here to find your local MOLE contact
I am a Module Leader and want to start setting up my new site

A new role has been created in MOLE. This called the Module Lead Instructor. Only Module Leaders with this role will be able to move content to new sites.

I am a module leader but I don't have access - Click here to let us know

I am a Module Administrator and want to start setting up the new site

Module Administrators will have access to copy content to new sites

I am a module administrator but I don't have access - Click here to let us know

Second Steps - Copying Content

If your new site is available and you are a Module Leader with Module Lead Instructor role in MOLE , there are several options availavle to you for copying content

I have a good structure and want to keep my site the same

If your course needs little or no change you can easily transfer it across as it is. To do this there is a simple process of copying all, or selected, material across. When doing this, think about whether there is any material that was specific to that year that is no longer relevant and does not need transferring, and if the course fits the template your department has chosen to use, and is aligned to the Refresh Readiness Checklist. Once imported, material can be edited or reordered as needed.

Watch a screencast of the process

See the step by step guide

I have some content I want to reuse from a previous year, but not all

If you have some sections you want to transfer to your new course from a previous year, there is a simple process to copy selected items across from another course

Watch a screencast of the process

See the step by step guide

I have taken over a course, and want to copy material from a previous year’s course run by another lecturer

If you do not have access to a previous year’s course to copy material, please contact the TEL Team, who will be able to add you to past courses in the correct role.

Click here to request access to a previous years course

I want to start a course with completely new content

When you first open your course, you will see an empty template, featuring a structure of menu items, which may be the default institutional template, or one designed by your department. If you are new to using MOLE, user guides to get you started can be found below, or if you would like to request training from the TEL Team please use the form below.

View our user support guides here

Click here to request Introduction to MOLE training

You've copied your content - Next steps

Moving content into the correct place on your new site

Once the course copy has been completed you will likely want to move content around your course to bring it in line with your chosen template or arrange the menu in the correct order.

Click here to see how to do this

Setting up Guest Access

Guest access will allow staff to view another course within MOLE that they are not enrolled on as an instructor. It supports staff in taking a programme level view and facilitates opportunities to learn from what works well for other colleagues.

Click here to find out more about Guest Access

Enrolling my colleagues on my site

The manage users tool allows tutors to add other tutors (and students if you are a Module lead instructor/Module Administrator).

Click here to see how to do this

Setting up reading lists on my site

If you are using the institutional course template you will have a Reading List menu item on your course. If you are not you may need to add this manually so your students can access their reading lists.

Click here to see how to add reading lists to your site

Click here to email the Library for help with setting your reading lists up -

Check your site

We have created a checklist to help you make sure you get the most out of the process

Click here to view the checklist

Linking Your Courses

You can link courses together if there is consistent teaching material and method of delivery.

Click here for more information

Final Step - Make your course available to students

Important: You need to complete this process to enable your students to see your course.

Make your course available to students

As a module leader you can now set an earlier course start date than previously.

You can also choose to make your course available on a fixed date or use the standard term dates.

Click here for guidance on making your course available

Help / Support Available to you

What support is available?

Support for these changes will be available from your departmental learning technologists, or from the TEL Team. Dedicated training sessions are also available on the LMS system. You can also request a 1-2-1 training session with one of our student ambassadors.

Click the link below and scroll down to the Learning Technology/Technology Enhanced Learning section.

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Book a 1-2-1 Refresh session

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Your questions are answered here

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