Best practice

Your website contributes to the first impression someone might have of the University. Use the advice below to help make your website useful and usable for your audience.

Writing for the web

Learn about the considerations and issues you need to think about when writing content for the web including writing style, navigation and structure, tone of voice.

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Images and downloads

Bring your website to life by adding engaging photos and diagrams and learn how to include downloadable files and assets for users. 

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Adding news to your website

Keep your visitors up-to-date with the latest department specific news. Read the considerations you should think about when writing a news story.

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Social media

Best practice guidance on using social media and how to drive visitors to your website content.

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Usability is the design of websites for people by focussing on their mental goals, providing compelling content, logical site structure and navigation.

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Users trust search engines. Having a presence in the top positions for the keywords they are searching for increases site trust, authority and visits to your site.

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Top tips for producing a great website

These top tips cover many aspects that you should consider when developing the structure and creating content for your website.

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