Using images from external sources


Asset Bank

Asset Bank is an online system which contains thousands of images the University has commissioned over the years. It includes many common subjects, for example buildings, staff and students, along with photographs from events and celebrations around the University.

The images in Asset Bank are all owned by the University, so can generally be used on your CMS website without any problems.

Every member of staff has access to Asset Bank automatically – you can log in with your usual University username and password at:

Asset Bank

Commissioning photography

If you can't find what you're looking for within the Asset Bank then there is the option of paying to commission some photography instead.

The Marketing team has a list of approved photographers who have been briefed with the University style, and can discuss what you're hoping to achieve.

Approved photographers list (internal access only)

Use of external image libraries

You have to be very careful when using non-University image libraries.

Some websites claim to own the copyright on images, when in actual fact they don't. They have taken the images from elsewhere without the owner's permission, and are redistributing them as if they are rights-free.

It's always important to only purchase images from a trusted source. Two image libraries we have used previously are:


Getty Images

You have to ensure you are clear about what rights you are buying when you do use these services – sometimes there can be constraints on how large the image is you can use, if it's a one-off use or ongoing etc. Some also require an attribution to be shown on or next to the image, so it's important you read and follow the terms carefully.

If we purchase an image to use on the University homepage, often we will only purchase rights just for use on that one page for a limited time period. Depending on how you plan to use an image will affect the type of licence you'll need to buy.

Images on other websites

Don't take random images from another website, whether that be from an external website or from another department's website. You could get fined for using pictures belonging to another organisation or person without their permission.

Photo sharing websites such as Flickr do have some images which may be used without payment under the Creative Commons license, however you need to be very careful to follow the terms the photographer has stipulated.

Social media sites

If someone publishes an image on a social media site, it doesn't mean that you have the rights to use it. The copyright is usually held by the service that is hosting the picture (for example, Facebook or Twitter).

We'd recommend that you get in touch with the user that uploaded the image and ask for permission to use their original photo. If they agree, ask them to send you the original file.

House style

The University has a distinctive photographic style in all our printed material, and this image style should carry across to the web. If you do make use of images from an external website it’s worth considering if the images you're using fit with the visual style of the rest of the University, and at the very least the rest of your website.

The University visual identity

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