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Give prominence to YouTube, Kaltura and Vimeo videos on Home and Hub pages using this in-page video player.

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Who can use this Component?

Group owners, Group editors and Group supervisors (create, edit, delete).


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The Featured video Component is an elegant and impactful way to add YouTube, Kaltura and Vimeo in-page videos to your Home and Hub pages. Alongside the video you can add contextual information including a title, description and link.


The Featured news Component can be inserted on the Home and Hub Content types.


Add it via the 'Add Component' button on your Home or Hub Content type.



An optional header and which sites outside the main area of the Component. Adding a header will also cause a blue dividing line to be inserted above.


Add your video to the Media library as an embed and then choose it here.


Appears in the panel to the right of (desktop) or underneath (tablet and mobile) the video.


200 characters maximum. Appears in the panel to the right of (desktop) or underneath (tablet and mobile) the video.


An opportunity to present a call-to-action next to the video. Appears in the panel to the right (desktop) or underneath (tablet and mobile) the video. Think about what you want someone to do after watching; for example, browse your courses, see information about a scholarship, book an open day or explore your facilities.

Things to remember

  • For maximum impact, only use one Featured video Component per page
  • You can customise the thumbnail for your video by changing it in the platform on which the video is hosted – Kaltura, YouTube or Vimeo

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