Content types

When creating a page for your website you need to select a Content type. The Content type defines the base template, initial content and components used for the new page. Content types help us to organise and update our content more efficiently.


Despite its name, a flexible and frequently used Content type. Use it for long as well as short-form content. 

Basic - learn more


A destination covering a topic of high importance to visitors. Use it to signpost to related and more detailed pages.

Hub - learn more

Staff profile

Use this Content type to build up a bank of basic or detailed profiles pages about members of staff in your department. 

Staff profile - learn more

Staff profile index

Create automatically-populated or manually-curated lists of profiles for members of staff inside and outside your department.

Staff profile index - learn more

Staff profile link

Use this Content type to associate a Staff profile living in another CMS Group with your Group's 'Automatic list - from CMS categories or departments' Staff profile index.

Staff profile link - learn more

Staff contact index

Use this Content type to generate a list of staff from a department or section using data from the University telephone directory.

Staff contact index - learn more

Group publications

Use this Content type to display a feed of group publications from myPublications on a page (as opposed to publications relating to a single member of staff).

Staff profile index - learn more

Student profile

A dedicated Content type for displaying a current or former student's account of their experiences at The University.

Student profile - learn more

Student profile index

Use this Content type if you wish to display all your Student profiles on one page with the most recently created at the top. Each teaser takes a user through to the full profile.

Student profile index - learn more

News story

Does what it says on the tin. Use it to make sure your news shows up in the right format and places.

News story - learn more

News index

A Content type that creates an automatically populated list of all the published news stories created within your group.

News index - learn more

News link

This flexible Content type is used to create a teaser view link to either an internal or external news story. It can be embedded within a page or to add a listing to the News index page.

News link - learn more

UG Course structure

Maintain structures for your undergraduate courses in the online prospectus to show the different years and available modules.

UG Course structure - learn more

PGT Course structure

Maintain structures for your postgraduate taught courses in the online prospectus to show the available modules.

 PGT Course structure - learn more


If postgraduate taught course module information in the central online prospectus isn't suitable for prospective students then use these Content types to show modules on your department website.

Modules - learn more


Often the first page a visitor sees. Use it to guide them to the information they're looking for.

Home - learn more


Use this Content type to publish details of an event you wish to promote on your website.

Event - learn more

Legacy Content types


This discontinued Content type was replaced by the more powerful and flexible Basic Content type for default page creation. The pilot CMS websites made extensive use of these.