You'll probably use this to create the majority of the pages on your site. It's ideal for long and short-form content, offering diverse options for formatting text and media.


Who can use this Content type?

  • Group Supervisors and Group Owners (create, edit, unpublish, archive).
  • Group Editors (edit, unpublish, archive).


The page you are reading now has been created using the Basic Content type.


You should use the Basic Content type to create simple, straightforward pages for your website.


To create pages using a consistent look and feel, and using styling that website visitors recognise as the University of Sheffield.


When creating a page, choose the Basic Content type. Then assemble the page using the components below.


Title, intro and media

These are inserted in the corresponding fields at the beginning of the Content type.

The intro is limited to 300 characters maximum.

Basic page intro

Show 'On this page' anchor links

Tick this to add a mini index of anchor links at the top of the page which signpost sections lower down.

For an anchor link to be used in this list it is essential that when inserting an anchor, you first select some text before you click the anchor button. You'll know you've done this correctly as the text will appear next to the anchor inside a dotted box.

Body content

The main content of the page, like the content you are reading right now, is added using the Editor. Learn more about using the Editor.

Related information (additional information)

Related links are optional. Learn more about adding related information when creating a page based on the Basic Content type.


There are two components which appear in the sidebar (on larger screens) or below the main content (on smaller screens) on a page:

  • Group Promotion - one per Group website
  • Central Promotion - one chosen per page from a bank managed by Corporate Communications

More about PromotionsCreate a page (step-by-step tutorial)

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