Group publications

Create a page featuring a feed of myPublications group data.


Who can use this Content type?

  • Group Supervisors, Group Owners, Group Editors (create, edit, unpublish, archive)


Research and publications on the Department of Journalism website.


Use this Content type to display a feed of group publications from myPublications on a page (as opposed to publications relating to a single member of staff).


Using this Content type will mean you don't have to keep a list of group publications up to date in the CMS. As long as the information is kept up to date in myPublications, it will pull through to this page.


Choose the Group publications Content type then assemble the page by populating the relevant fields, as explained below.


This Content type is based on the Basic Content type. The only differences – outlined below – are the extra options for the myPublications feed and a second Editor so you can place extra content above and below the feed.

Top section

Use this Editor to insert content above the publications list.


If the group is using myPublications, you can insert the group ID to automatically pull through its publications. Options include:

  • Show publications – key publications can be marked as favourites in myPublications. Choosing 'Favourites' here will then only show the favourited publications on the web page
  • Show anchors – if there are a large number of publications being shown on the web page, choosing 'Show anchors' will add links under the main Publications header to help visitors navigate to the different types of publications
  • Show most recent publications and Start year – use these options to limit the number of publications shown on the webpage
  • Include user types – filter which user types to include. The default is to show all. If you select any combination, only these user types will be shown

Bottom section

Use this Editor to insert content below the publications list.

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