The virtual front door of your site, the homepage is the first page many of your visitors will land on. It offers the first impression of your website.


Who can use this Content type?

  • Group Supervisors and Group Owners (edit, archive).


School of English Home


This Content type is only used for the website homepage.


It features a large, eye-catching banner image and text. The banner area is much more expansive than on other Content types.


An empty Home template will be provided when your website is first set up. You can assemble the page using the components below.

Please note

​​​For the New CMS to recognise what a site's home page is, it must have the Short name "Home".

If editors use a different short name for their home page it won't be found when people use the top level URL, eg sheffield.ac.uk/sitename


Intro and header image

This is the big image and text at the top of the page. Choose a high definition photograph that captures the theme of your website. If there is no appropriate photograph to use, keep this blank. Keep your titles and introductory text under the limit of 300 characters.

The arrow on the header scrolls a visitor down when tapped or clicked.

Example of Home Content type header area


Browse the Home Components and find instructions on how to use them.

Components available on Home

Multicolumn and signposting examples

Can I change my Home page into a Hub page?

If your site is new and hasn't been put live proper yet then yes, this is relatively straightforward.

Create a new Hub at /groupname/home2, then change the web address of the Home Content type to /groupname/home3 and then change the web address of the Hub to /groupname/home.

Publish the new Hub and unpublish the old Home Content type

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