Image gallery

Display up to 10 images in an embeddable gallery.


 Who can use this Content type?

  • Group Supervisors and Group Owners (create, edit, unpublish, archive)
  • Group Editors and News Managers (create, edit, unpublish, archive)



Display multiple images in a small space to showcase important content such as research, facilities or an event.


Select Add new content, choose the Image gallery Content type then assemble it using the components below. When the gallery is ready, embed it on other pages via the toolbar in the Editor.


You can currently build an Image gallery using the components below.


This is used to identify your gallery in the CMS and look it up when embedded it on a page. Use something unique and descriptive.


Add up to 10 images to your gallery. Reorder them by dragging and dropping.

Any captions will be displayed at the bottom of the image. Edit these within the image itself.

Videos are not currently supported within the Image gallery.

Embedding an Image gallery

Image galleries are available to insert within the Editor in several different Content types. Select the button in the toolbar and then look up the gallery by typing its name.

Things to remember

  • Put the most impactful image first
  • Adding a caption to an image will mean that the caption might also appear below the image where it is used elsewhere on the site

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