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Who can use this Content type?

  • Group Supervisors and Group Owners (create, edit, unpublish, archive).
  • Group Editors and News Managers (create, edit, unpublish, archive).


This flexible Content type can be used in multiple ways including

  • when you want to embed a teaser view of a news story into a page on your own website
  • when you want to display a link to a story from elsewhere on The University website onto your own news index page
  • when you want to add a link on your news index page to a story hosted by an external website eg. the BBC.


  • When you need to reference one or more news stories on your page but want more impact than a Related link at the bottom of the page.
  • If a news story from another department or faculty is relevant to your own then you can add it to your own news index page.
  • Linking to an external news source can offer further insight or background details into a topic that's being covered by your own news stories.


When creating a News link, choose the News link Content type then assemble the link using the components below. Once created you have two choices to display it:

  • Embedding it onto a page via the Editor. Click on the News Story icon.
  • Tick the Publish tickbox for the story to appear on the News index page.

The teaser view

Whether embedded into a page you've created or optionally listed on the News index page, a News link will be displayed similar to the below.

Add a news link to your page and a teaser view will appear linking through to either an internal or external page

1. Image / Video

The linked-to news story's thumbnail image. This can either be the original thumbnail or a new one you've added yourself just for this link.

2. Title

The title of the news story. Ideally, this should be the same title used in the story that you're linking to, but feel free to write something different if required.

3. Teaser text

The story's intro text. Again, this ideally should be the same intro text used in the story that you're linking to, but if required can be different. Limited to 250 characters maximum.

4. Display date

If you decide to leave the date field empty, the publication date of your News link will be used. Alternatively, a date of your choosing can be used instead.

5. Link source

Not shown in the image above but if you're linking to an external website then add its name here as the source of the story. An external link icon will be appended to the end of the field contents so that users know the linked-to website will be opened in a new browser window.


You can currently build a News link using the components below. We're continuing to develop this Content type with design and feature improvements planned for the coming months.


The title displayed for the linked-to news story. This should ideally be the same title used in the story that you're linking to, but if required can be different.

News link

Use this field to search for a news story previously created with the CMS. For a story on an external website or created in the Legacy CMS use the complete (absolute) URL starting http:// or https://www

Display date

If you decide to leave the date field empty the publication date of the News link will be used. Alternatively, a date of your choosing can be used instead.

Teaser text

By default, the linked-to story's intro text will be used if this field is left blank. If you want to display something different then add it here.

Image or video

If you want to override the media being used by the linked-to news story then optionally choose another image.

Link source

An optional field to reference the name of an external website you're linking to eg BBC or The Guardian.

Featured status

All News stories / News links are set with a default Featured status of Standard story - not featured. If you want to promote certain stories you can change their Featured status to:

  • Main story which has the highest priority. This story will be made full width and stay stickied at the very top of the page.
  • Featured story which has the second-highest priority. If the Main story is present then featured stories will sit under that. You should have no more than two to three Featured stories. If no Main story is present then the Featured stories will appear at the very top of the page.
  • The Featured news Component page has further information about Featured status.


By default, this is unticked which means the News link will only show on a page you've embedded it on. Tick this to make your News link also appear on your News index page.

Note, a News link is not assigned a normal URL, as it is not accessed as a page by visitors. So don't be alarmed if it has a URL such as /node/10531.

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