News story

This Content type is very similar to the page created with the Basic Content type but should only be used for creating news articles.


Who can use this Content type?

  • Group Supervisors and Group Owners (create, edit, unpublish, archive)
  • Group Editors and News Managers (create, edit, unpublish, archive)


University Website Project news story 


To be used for all news stories you add to your website.


The News story Content type allows you to highlight a date and time for when it was published.


When creating a page, choose the News story Content type then assemble the page using the components below.


You can currently build a News story using the components below. We're continuing to develop this Content type with design and feature improvements planned for the coming months.

1. Display date

The date you want the story to say it was published. You can back-date this which is especially useful when you're migrating a previously published story. Use the format: 2019-08-16 14:17:36. Leave blank to use the time of form submission.

2. Headline

The title of the news story.

3. Teaser text

Similar to the intro text field on the Basic page. The first paragraph of the story. (Once the story is created the page’s teaser will appear in a dynamically generated News index page. Limited to 250 characters maximum.

4. Image or video

This appears as a thumbnail on the News index page. If you tick the Show image/video on page checkbox the media will appear above the body text.

5. Article body

The story content created using the Editor. You can add further images and video in here too.

Using images, videos and pull quotes give your article more colour and improves readability by breaking up chunks of text.

Keep paragraphs short, usually no more than one or two sentences.

6. Categories

Add one or more categories to your news story to enable it to be grouped/organised with similar stories.

Our aim for well-organised content is to capture our news stories in strategically important categories and that in time these categories will become news index pages. This functionality is under development so select a category to help future proof your content.

7. Featured status

All News stories are set with a default Featured status of Standard story - not featured. If you want to promote certain stories you can change their Featured status to:

  • Main story which has the highest priority. This story will be made full width and stay stickied at the very top of the page.
  • Featured story which has the second-highest priority. If the Main story is present then featured stories will sit under that. You should have no more than two to three Featured stories. If no Main story is present then the Featured stories will appear at the very top of the page.
  • The Featured news Component page has further information about Featured status.
News page

Sharing News story pages on social media

The News story Content type is optimised for sharing on Facebook and Twitter social media platforms. This means that the image, headline (Facebook and Twitter) and teaser text (Twitter only) will display after publishing.

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