Student profile index

List all published Student profiles in your Group with the most recently created at the top.

Student profiles index example

Who can use this Content type?

  • Group Supervisors and Group Owners (create, edit, unpublish, archive)
  • Group Editors (edit, unpublish)


Undergraduate student profiles, postgraduate taught student testimonials and researcher profiles on the Sheffield University Management School website.


Use this Content type if you wish to display all your Student profiles on a single page. Each teaser takes a user through to the full profile.


Although Student profiles are best signposted by embedding a teaser from within related content, it may be useful for a visitor to browse a list of profiles from one place to get a feel for life as a student in your department.

The list is updated automatically when a new Student profile is published, making your latest profiles visible and easy for visitors to find. It also saves you from having to manually update an equivalent page.


This Student profile index allows you to create a filtered list of Student profiles by level of study. So for example you could create an index page automatically showing all undergraduate profiles in your department, or one showing all PhD profiles.

Use the tickboxes to filter the profiles by level of study or select 'n/a' to show all Student profiles in your Group.

Placement in site structure

Where you place a Student profile index in your site structure will depend on the profiles you expect to publish on your site.

  • A mix of undergraduate and postgraduate Student profiles: place the Student profile index at yoursitename/student-profiles in the site structure
  • Only undergraduate Student profiles: place the Student profile index at yoursitename/undergraduate/student-profiles in the site structure
  • Only postgraduate Student profiles: place the Student profile index at yoursitename/postgraduate/student-profiles in the site structure. If you know you'll only be featuring postgraduate taught or PhD profiles then you could even place it a level deeper in the structure

When creating a page, choose the Student profile index Content type and complete the Title and Intro text fields. If you are showing filtered profiles then make the titles specific to the level of study to help differentiate them - foe example 'Undergraduate student profiles'.

After saving, your published Student profiles will be automatically pulled into the index depending on the filter/s you've selected, with the most recently created at the top.

Promotions are set up in the same way as for example as on the Basic Content type.

Top tips

For our best practice advice on writing effective student profiles to attract prospective students, read our 7 top tips for better student profiles.

In the future

We hope to enhance this Content type in the future to allow you to created more tailored Student profile filtered lists based on the data fields within the Student profile Content type such as department, faculty, year, student status and nationality.

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