Saving pages: draft, published, unpublished or archived


Changing your save status

There are four options to save your pages on the CMS: Draft, Published, Unpublished and Archived.

To change your save status:

  • Go into 'Edit' for any page
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Here you can see your 'Current state' and options to 'Change to'.
  • Select the save status you need, then click the blue save button. Note - the available page states depend on the current page states

Draft pages

Draft pages are pages in progress. There are two uses for draft pages:

  1. Working on a page before publishing it for the first time
  2. Making edits to a page that has already been published, without taking the published page offline.

The second option allows you to keep a version of the page live whilst you are working on additional edits. Anybody visiting the page URL will see the version that was last set to published.

Any changes you make whilst the page status has been set to draft will not be visible until you change your page status back to published.

Why use the Draft status?

Use this if you need to prepare changes in advance to make live at a specific time.


Changing the status of a published page to draft does not take the page offline. Use the unpublish option instead.

To make changes on a draft page live, you must change the page status back to published.

Published pages

On live sites:

If your Group has been made live at, all published pages will be live on the web.

They can be accessed by the public and can be indexed by search engines.

Anybody who has the URL will be able to visit the page.

On in-progress sites:

If you are building your Group but it has not yet been launched, published pages will not be visible on the web until the whole site is put live by IT services.

Unpublished pages

The unpublished option is only available for pages that have first been published.

This status differs from draft as it takes your page offline. The page will no longer be accessible through its public URL and any links will be broken.

Use this state when you need to temporarily or permanently remove a page.

Archiving/deleting a page

We do not currently have an option to delete a page. Use the unpublish option if you need to take a page offline.

You can also archive an unpublished page. Archiving a page:

  • removes it from the main list of pages in your Group
  • removes it from the site structure menu in your Group
  • adds it to the ‘Archived pages’ tab in your Group
  • stops it appearing in link lookups
  • frees up its web address for reuse

Before you archive a page, you need to:

  • move or archive any child pages sitting under it in the structure
  • remove any links to the page by checking the usage tab
  • unpublish it (you may need to publish it and then immediately unpublish it)

When a page is archived, it is moved to the new ‘Archived pages’ tab in your Group. It will still show up on the usage tab of any other page, so you’ll be able to check if there are links to it.

Removing a page from the archive

You can bring any archived page back and reverse the actions listed above by locating it on the archived pages tab in your Group and changing its status back to unpublished.

The archived state will help you manage your Group site by keeping it tidy, moving unwanted pages out of sight and reducing the chances of accidentally linking to an old page. So if you create a page in error (for example, if you create a duplicate of an existing page) then you should set that page to unpublished and then archive it.

Things to remember

  • Set a page to published to make it live.
  • If you change a published page to draft, the latest published version will remain live until any edits you make in draft state are set to published.
  • To unpublish a page that is published and in draft state, you need to save it as published first before you can resave it as unpublished.
  • Set a page to unpublished to take it offline.
  • You can't archive a page which is saved in draft state. To make the archived option appear in the dropdown, you first need to publish it and then unpublish it.

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