Known issues

Here's a list of the main known issues in the CMS which we're hoping to address.


If you think you've found a new problem then please let us know.

Area Issue Workaround

Visual bugs for Internet Explorer 11 users:

  • White space extends below the footer
  • Extra white space appearing in the News component
  • Signposting cards overlap and expand beyond their allocated space
No workaround at present, except consider using a different browser
Home When using Chrome on MacBook, at some breakpoints longer site names do not autoscale, obscuring the name No workaround at present, except for resizing your browser
Email addresses Long email addresses sometimes break out of their container, meaning they can't always be read in full No workaround at present. The email address still works though
Editor - data table If multiple rows or columns selected then delete row/delete column does not work Delete rows and columns one at a time
Editor - embeds Teaser sometimes embeds as a card or vice versa When choosing whether to embed card or teaser, ensure the rotating wheel has stopped turning before you press save
Editor - links Can be pasted in without using add link button Editors should not do this, as pasted links bypass our link verification and have an increased chance of being broken
Event - date and time Populated manual 'Multiple dates and times' date and time fields only appear if the 'Single event' ones have a date or time selected in them Choose a date or time in 'Single event' (even though this won't show on the website)
Event - map search box Search does not work Move the map around manually and use zoom or your mouse scroll wheel to select a location
Event Signposting box In a 3-column layout the height of the blue box is inconsistent with other Signposting boxes No workaround at present
Event teaser embed Thumbnail image is too small. Video thumbnail image does not display No workaround at present
Logos When many logos are present, the scroll arrows intermittantly disappear No workaround at present. Only affects loggged in CMS editors, so most visitors won't experience this
Logos Not all of the right-hand logo is shown at some screen sies No workaround at present
Media Incorrect thumbnail image showing

It it is a Kaltura or Vimeo video hen find the embedded video in your Group Media tab and click ‘View’ to pull in the latest thumbnail

We're monitoring a problem where YouTube thumbnails may not be pulling through properly. Please let us know if you experience this. A workaround for this problem is to upload your video to Kaltura

Media Images appear rotated after uploading Before uploading to the CMS, open the image in Photoshop or (if you're using a Mac) Preview and re-save it

Images do not load in some browsers

Remove any special characters from image filenames like +, ) and ( and then remove and replace the media file with the new version
Media Image crops do not save Upload a higher resolution version of the image
Media 'File' media type is not shown in Related information, Signposting box and Signposting card autocomplete link lookup Manually link to file URL in the format /media/1234/download (here's more help with linking to files)
Media Playlists cannot be inserted as Video embed Embed as individual videos or email to request playlist is set up in Central Component library as Raw HTML box
Media YouTube videos with extra items in the URL give an error when attempting to upload as a video embed

Strip back URL to its shortest version. For example, instead of pasting in:

Paste in:

Navigation - Group

On some breakpoints the local section nav has arrows overlapping the text or the menu button obscuring the name

No workaround at present, except for uding fewer characters or zooming in or out on your browser
News story Displays 'The Display date date is invalid' error when saving Set the time and save again
Staff profile index Displays duplicate entries for any Staff profile links assigned to multiple departments Manually insert featured staff profiles instead of Staff profile links on an automatic Staff profile index.

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