Auditing your website

We have recently overhauled the University website, migrating it onto a new and more user-friendly content management system. Auditing your website ensures we maintain a high quality of content.


This audit is a necessary and important step for migrating your content and we've tried to make it as quick and painless as possible. This guide will help you to complete the audit, and will hopefully answer any questions that you might have. 

Download audit spreadsheet

Example spreadsheet

Before you start

Things to remember

Too vintage? If a page hasn't been updated for more than a year, consider why this is when you're assessing the content's relevance. 

Talking numbers. Your content audit already contains Google Analytics from the last six months. If you think a page is relevant but it has had very low page views or has a high bounce and/or exit rate, please do consider whether this page is really worth migrating to the new website. 

Regulations. If the page needs to be CMA accurate, make sure to check it against the CMA guidelines. If the content doesn't meet the necessary criteria, please mark it to be rewritten.

Missing pages? We will try their best to make sure that all pages are included in the audit that you are given, however, please do cross-reference your list with the old CMS (Polopoly) to make sure that nothing is missing, especially if there are pages on your website that are unpublished except for at certain times (such as clearing). If you find something missing from your audit, add it in and let the UWP team know.

Your audience. External-facing and internal-facing content has now been completely separated on our website. For your external-facing website, you should consider the primary external audiences – potential students, funders, researchers – and whether all content on a page is relevant to their needs. If not, rewrite it or move it to your internal site.

Avoid duplication. Does this content exist elsewhere? Think about whether content can be combined or if multiple pages exist with the same content. Could we link to a central page instead? If you do want to have the same piece of content on your website twice, please leave us a comment in the comment box to explain why this is. 

An example of the Polopoly content audit sheet.

Getting started

You don't need to have an in-depth knowledge of marketing and communications to do this.

All you have to do is assess the content on your department's current public-facing website and decide if you want to keep it. If you do, decide if the content needs to be rewritten and if any images or videos are still relevant.  

Understanding the audit sheet

Everything on the left-hand side of the 'freeze' has already been completed for you by the UWP team (see highlighted section in the below image).

An example of the Polopoly content audit with highlight.

Everything on the right-hand side of the freeze is to be completed by you.

What to do

  1. Start at the top of the list and click on the URL in column B. The page that you need to assess will open in a new tab.
  2. Read the text on the page and decide if the content is still relevant and if you want to migrate it over.
    • If you don't want to keep it, mark it as discard in column K. No need to complete any other information. 
    • If you do want to keep it and the content is fine, mark it as Y in column H and keep in column K.
    • If you do want to keep it but the content needs to be rewritten, mark it as in column H and keep in column K. 
  3. If your content has an image, do you have the hi-res version of it? We need hi-res versions for the new website, so if you don't have them, it's likely that we will not use it. Please also consider the quality of the image, even if you have a hi-res version. Is it appropriate for the content? Is it framed correctly? If not, we don't necessarily need to use it on the new website. Please mark this as an in column I if you don't want to keep it or a in column I if you do. 
  4. If there is video content on the page, check the quality of the video. Is it relevant to the audience you're aiming it at? If there are staff in the video, do they still work at the university? If you mention your department's building in the video, is it correct or have you moved? Please consider the content of the video carefully and let us know in column J if you want it migrated over to the new website. 
  5. Column L is for any comments that you may have regarding the content. 
  6. In column M, please add the name of the person who is responsible for this content. It might be you, or it might be someone else in your department. Primarily, this will be the person who wrote it or the person who is in charge of updating it. 
  7. In column N, if necessary, please add the name of the person who needs to have a say on this content. This field only needs to be completed if there is someone who signs off on specific pieces of content.

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