Page 2: Completing the menu sheet

Now we have the site structure of your new website laid out we can build the menu. The top-level menu names should follow the site structure ie. Undergraduate, Postgraduate etc. but you do have flexibility in what you can put in them.


The menu items should reflect your site structure on page 1, being a combination of top tasks identified by students and specific department information. You aren't limited to internal pages on your new site. You can add links to pages on the central university website.

Content Status Spreadsheet - Menu Page

There are three types of page links:

  • Blue: A link to a page in that section of the site
  • Green: A link to a page in another section of your site
  • Red: A link to a page on the central site. This will take you away from your own departmental site.
School of English Menu Example

Within each section we should aim group links to related content. Looking at the example above we see the Postgraduate section has been selected. Within that we have three sub-sections, Postgraduate home, Masters courses and PhD study each having child links

Grouping content this way helps users navigate and drill-down multiple menus with numerous links to make finding their required page as easy as possible.

Once you and the web content team have agreed and completed this page the migration document is complete and the building of the site can begin!

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