CMS website requests, training and access

How to request a new website in the CMS, change access to an existing website or book training.


Request a CMS website

Fill in the form to request a new website in the University CMS. Any intended owner/s will need to complete the necessary training before they are given access to a new website.

If you want your website to sit deeper within an existing CMS website, you should contact the owner of the relevant website instead of filling in this form.

If approved, external-facing websites will be located in the New CMS. Internal-facing websites will be located in the Legacy CMS.

CMS website request form

Request CMS training or access

Each site in the CMS has a site coordinator (Legacy CMS) or Group owner (New CMS) who is responsible for who is granted access to the site, and what level of access they have.

If you need to be trained to use the CMS or granted access to an existing site in the CMS you should contact the site coordinator or Group owner who can request access on your behalf.

CMS training is available to:

  • full time staff
  • some types of temporary staff
  • research postgraduates who have a staff-like function within a department
  • students (in special circumstances)

CMS access/training request formList of sites and coordinators/owners

There is a separate form to request temporary CMS access for students.

Get in touch

If you have CMS questions or are stuck then get in touch and we'll do our best to help.