Known issues - Legacy CMS

There are a few issues / quirks which exist with the Legacy CMS which are documented here. Some we are working on solutions for. Where there isn't a solution we try and provide a workaround if possible.

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  1. Problems using the Page content WYSIWYG editor in browsers other than Firefox

    Due to the way the editor works we've seen a few issues occur when using browsers other than Firefox to edit pages. Most of the functions of the editor work OK in all browsers. We're hopeful that a future update to the WYSIWYG editor will fix some of the compatibility issues. For now the work-around is to use Firefox when editing in the CMS.

    This problem only affects the updating of pages, and not the display of them on the public website - visitors to the site can use any browser to view our website.

  2. Right-hand box updates not affected by published state

    When a right-hand box is added or removed from a page you need to republish the page for it to appear. If you just update a box (add, update or remove links from an existing box) then you don't need to republish the page and those links appear.

    There isn't a work-around to this, but it's worth being aware of when updating right-hand content.

  3. Mixing Protocols with included material like Videos

    When embedding content into a page there can be a mix of protocols between the page and the embedded source, for example HTTP is often used for web pages while SHTTP is a different protocol providing additional security.

    Criminals will often mix protocols on fake websites as part of a phishing attack to collect people's data, so browsers are becoming smarter at spotting this. This means that modern browsers will often not display embedded material if its protocol is different from the page's.

    If you have embedded a movie or a calendar or something similar on the page, and you know the permissions to access it are right, then this could be the problem and worth checking.

    Youtube no longer defines a specific protocol on its movies, but uPlayer does.

  4. My form is being spammed and I'm getting hundreds of useless emails

    Spam protection on form template

    We occasionally get problems with CMS forms being spammed with hundreds of fake submissions so there is now the option to add a spam protection to confirm that the person filling in the form is human, not automated software. These filters are sometimes known as CAPTCHAs.

    The protection may ask the user to tick a box or do a very quick test to prove they are a real person.

    This feature is set to off by default but should spam become a problem you can turn this on via a tickbox under the heading 'Enable spam protection' on the 'Form' tab on the Form template.