CMS training and access

Training is available to full time staff, some types of temporary staff, research postgraduates who have a staff-like function within a department and, in special circumstances, students. It is booked through the Learning Management System. Generally speaking, if you can't log into the LMS then you probable can't use the CMS. We list up-and-coming courses on Training.

Get access to a CMS website

Each site in the CMS has a site co-ordinator who is responsible for who is granted access to the site, and what level of access they have. If you need access to a site in the CMS you should contact the site co-ordinator who will then request access from the web team on your behalf.

List of sites and co-ordinators for new CMS

Information for site co-ordinators

If you are the co-ordinator for your site and you need to get a new user trained to use the CMS please point them to the Learning Management System. Dates of up-and-coming training courses can be found at Training, along with a link to the Learning Management System.

If you need to grant access to someone who has already been trained in the CMS just complete the form available through the CiCS HelpDesk Self Service area within MUSE. To do this complete the following steps:

  • Log in to your MUSE account at
  • Click on 'My Services' at the top of the screen and then select 'CiCS Helpdesk (Self Service)' from the drop down options.
  • Click on 'Service Requests (forms)'
    Scroll down to find the form. There are currently three forms:
    "CMS web site request" (for a new web site)
    "CMS access request" (to request access for trained staff)
    "CMS student temporary access request" (to request access for student interns and similar)
  • and then click on the form you want to access it