Request access to the CMS

If you are a site coordinator you can use the form below to request CMS access for trained members of staff to update your site. Please ensure staff have been trained by CiCS before completing this form as we can't grant access to untrained staff.

If you are not the site coordinator for the site, you'll need to ask them to request access on your behalf.

If you are unsure how to go about completing this form please contact us.

Access level required: (required) Details of access levels can be found in chapter 4 of the CMS manual, or you can contact CMS support for advice.
Type of request (required) If this person does not currently have access, they are a new user. If they need access to a new site in addition to their current access, then use "Modification of existing user (additional access)". If their access needs removing or changing within their current site, then use "Modification of existing user (alternative access)".

If you are wishing to set up a new site, please use the 'Requesting a new web site' link from the left, rather than this one.