cPanel Migration Project

We’re working with website owners to find secure and better supported solutions for websites hosted on cPanel.


Why we’re doing this

The University’s approved content management platforms are the New University Content Management System (CMS) and Google Sites. These have been developed with a focus on usability, accessibility and responsive design.

The University has many legacy websites hosted through the ‘cPanel’ service, which are suitable for migration to our approved platforms.

cPanel websites create security and reputational risks for the University. By migrating the sites, we can manage that risk, improve maintainability and security for the University.

At the same time, it’s important we review the cPanel service so that we can continue to offer web hosting for the right reasons - for websites with unique functionality that are well-looked after, secure and help the University to deliver its key priorities.

We’re reviewing how cPanel is used and working with a range of stakeholders to find solutions to website needs. This will help to inform the future governance and direction taken to managing University-affiliated websites.

Where cPanel websites are no longer needed, or have not complied with the cPanel rules and responsibilities, accounts will be removed.

The benefits of migrating from cPanel to the University CMS

  • No hosting and domain costs
  • Technical maintenance, support and security compliance, provided by the University
  • Ongoing work to improve usability and accessibility
  • Easier to administrate, with a straightforward process for providing admin access to other University colleagues 
  • Search engine optimisation. As the University website is a trusted source a site hosted here is more likely to be favoured by search engines over websites either hosted elsewhere, or without a secure SSL certificate
  • Training, guidance materials and tutorials covering all aspects of the CMS

Project support

We are providing full migration support to owners of existing cPanel websites. As a site owner you are required to assist us with content queries and, for CMS migrations, complete an online CMS training course. 

Meanwhile, we will do the content migration, make your new website live and then remove your cPanel account or service.

The project also offers an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of websites. Site owners will be supported by skilled digital content specialists who will advise on the best structure and format of content and optimal user experience. 

What is cPanel for?

Due to the number of poorly maintained websites on cPanel, University procedures have now changed. 

The cPanel service is only appropriate under very specific circumstances, when bespoke functionality is required that cannot be replicated on the CMS or Google Sites.

Completed cPanel website migrations

Recent migrations

Sheffield Motor Neuron Disorders Care and Research Centre


The Industrial Strategy Commission

Sheffield Trophoblastic Disease Centre

NIHR | Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre

All migrated sites (total: 163)

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

School of English blog

Faculty of Engineering

ACE 2013

ADVOCATE project

Avalon ROV - underwater robotics


CDT in Energy Storage and its Applications

Centre for GaN Materials and Devices

Collaborative Robotics Group

DARE: Designing Alloys for Resource Efficiency

DiODe: Distributed Algorithms for Optimal Decision-Making


DyVirt: Dynamic virtualisation: modelling performance of engineering structures


EPSRC and SFI Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Metallic Systems

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Integrated Tribology

ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group

Eurosteel 2021

Experience Castlegate

FLIPT: Flow Induced Phase Transitions

GATE in Biomedical Text Processing

Green Brain Project

High Reliability Drives


IDC Machining Science Student Conference

III-nitride Opto-Electronic Materials and Devices

Inspiration Innovative Training Network

Internal Erosion

Joint Research Centre for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Optoelectronics

Material Destiny

Mars Works

MIMA: Machine Intelligence for Music and Audio

Mixing Studies

Modelling, dynamics and control

MultiSim Project

NanoStencil Project

Natural Robotics Lab

Our Shared Landscape


Plasma Dynamics Group

Prediction of discolouration in distribution systems (PODDS)

Project SunSat


SecureStation project

Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy

Sheffield Space Initiative

Social media, Online Disinformation and Elections

Speech and Language Technologies


SunrIde: Sheffield university nova rocket innovative design engineering

Swarm awareness project


United Kingdom Automatic Control Council

UKRI National Millimetre Wave Facility


3D Biomat

3D MIMO Small-Cell Networks

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health


Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare

Discover Dentistry

Dyadic Art Therapy

EcoDA Resilience


Epi Concept


Extending the QALY

Flap endonucleases


GIS Unit

HCS Speech Therapy Clinic

Health Services and Delivery Research

IgA1 proteases

Insigneo Institute

Knowledge Exchange (ScHARR)

Mainstream Assisted Living Technologies

NICE Decision Support Unit

NIHR | Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre

Non-Epileptic Attacks

Public Health Review Team

ReQoL Implementation Community of Practice


ScHARR Green Recipes

ScHARR Public health topics

ScHARR Outcomes

Sheffield Motor Neuron Disorders Care and Research Centre

Sheffield Trophoblastic Disease Centre

Sperm NMR

Stafford Research Group

The Fazeli Research Group

Vascular Services Research

Faculty of Science

Sheffield Surface Analysis Centre

Faculty of Social Sciences

Brexit and Family Life

Designing for Wellbeing in Environments for Later Life (DWELL)


English Indices of Deprivation 2019

Ethnicity in commissioning

'Everyday bordering' in the UK

Growing Older


Imagine Community

Imagine Hillfields

Imagine Northeast

Inclusive New Media Design

Institute of Work Psychology International Conference

International Journal of Health Information Management Research (IJHIMR)

IWUN - Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature

Living Gender

Look at me!

Maker Futures

Makerspaces in the early years: Enhancing digital literacy and creativity (MakEY)

Manifesto/s PhD conference

MoPAct: Mobilising the potential of active ageing in Europe

Multiscale simulation

New Dynamics of Ageing

Our Shared Landscape

Political economy of poverty and social inclusion

Roma Health Stories

SENSEI (Making sense of human conversation)

Social Media, Television and Children (STAC)

Social Work 2020-21 under Covid-19 Magazine

Technology and Play (TAP)

The Industrial Strategy Commission

The Politics of Wellbeing

The Sheffield REAL Project

Tracking Ourselves?

Working in the Public Interest (WITPI)

Working Well Blog

Students' Union

Canoe club

Cheerleading - Sabrecats

Film unit

Music players' society

Photographic society

Poetry society

Pokémon society

Royal Scottish country dance society, Sheffield

Sheffield RAG

Sheffield sabres

Sheffield University judo club

Sheffield University walking club

Sheffield varsity

Simurq aeronautics

Student enterprise hub

University of Sheffield sailing club

University of Sheffield Trampolining

University of Sheffield Wargames Society

Teaching and staff

Coldham Group

Control Education

Dave Applebaum

Dr Andrew M Cox

Dr Gareth Walker

Dr James V Stone

Dr Victor Fedun

Flap endonucleases

IgA1 proteases

Moty Katzman

Neil Dummigan

Jon Sayers student site

Jonathan Jordan

Professor Mark Fox

Simon Jones Research Group

Sir Harry Kroto

Slate Lab

The Ebbens Group


For cPanel project queries, please contact Milan Olivier.

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