Contact us widget

Contact us widget

What is it?

The contact us widget is a way to include your postal address, telephone number and a link to a map centered on your building on your website.

How to insert a contact us widget

  1. Open to edit the page or folder you want to add a news widget to
  2. Click the Secondary content tab
  3. Select Contact us widget from the dropdown and click Create
  4. Type your postal address and telephone number in the corresponding fields
  5. To find the latitude and longitude for a location,: open Google Maps, find the location you want, right-click and select ""What's here?". The latitude and longitude will then be displayed below the Google Maps search box.
  6. Click Insert

You can remove a widget by clicking the red cross on the right-hand side of the list of widgets.

Things to consider

Make sure you format the phone number as suggested and don't include any extra text. This will ensure that someone viewing the page on a mobile phone can tap to call the number.

When choosing your location, try and centre the pin on the front door of your building. This is something to note in particular for large University buildings such as Mappin.