Course finder widget

What is it?

The course finder widget allows someone to directly search the main undergraduate and/or postgraduate taught course listings.

How to insert a course finder widget

  1. Open to edit the page or folder you want to add a news widget to
  2. Click the Secondary content tab
  3. Select Course finder widget from the dropdown and click Create
  4. Choose whether you want an undergraduate, postgraduate taught or combined widget
  5. Edit any of the other text fields you wish
  6. Add any extra links underneath that you wish. These appear below the search
  7. Click insert

You can remove a widget by clicking the red cross on the right-hand side of the list of widgets.

Things to consider

  • We recommend that you leave the course search year to the system default, which is set centrally by Corporate Communications. If you choose to manually set this then make sure you update this at the appropriate time, otherwise the widget could be linking in to non-existent content
  • This widget was developed primarily for use on the central, top-level pages, but there may be other areas on the website where you feel it appropriate to link to our central prospectuses
  • At the moment, it only searches the central online prospectusus. So think carefully how this might work on your website alongside any academic department-focused course listings and content