Feature box

What is it?

The feature box is an outline box with a thick top bar. The colour of the top bar matches the colour of the global section you are in - for example, blue for Departments & Services.

Within a feature box you can apply heading styles, use layouts, insert tables and drop in images.


This is an example of a feature box with some text inside it.

As this page is located within the Departments & Services and section, the top bar of the box is blue.

Read the guidance below for more examples of how to use the feature box.

What should it be used for?

The feature box is designed to help you neatly organise blocks of content on your page. Use it with layout tables to create small promotional boxes to signpost the most important areas of your site to users.

Here are three examples of how you might use the feature box:

Things to consider

A few things to consider when you are thinking about where to insert a feature box:

  • Avoid applying the highlight box style to a whole page, so all the content sits in it, as this neutralises the impact of the box. It is not meant to be used as a full page border
  • Don't insert too many boxes on one page, as again the impact could be reduced. Around four is the optimum number on a department homepage
  • Feature boxes work better as small boxes as opposed to large ones, so we'd recommend you don't put too much content in one
  • It is not possible to nest styled boxes within styled boxes, as this creates complicated layouts with unclear colour arrangements
  • Our image style is to present images without borders, so don't just place an image in a styled box on its own

How to insert a feature box

  1. Use your mouse to select and highlight the content you want to appear inside the feature box
  2. Click the styled box icon, which can be found on the bottom row of the toolbar to the left of the bold icon
  3. Choose feature box from the dropdown
  4. Click OK

You can remove a feature box by right-clicking on the box and selecting remove styled box.