News links: link to external stories from your news archive

Latest news template

What are they?

The automatically-generated archive page, part of the Latest news template, can now include links to any website in its list of stories - a news link - instead of just standard news articles.

You might use news links to:

  • a story in the central news section related to your department
  • a blog post or comment piece on another website written by an academic
  • a newspaper article, TV or radio programme that references your department

You can categorise and date-stamp news links. They'll appear next to your other stories in the archive page list and also in an RSS feed, if you have one.

How to set up a news link

An news link is set up in a similar way to how you would set up a normal news story, except there is no need to put in any information in the page content and secondary content areas.

  1. In your news folder, select 'News link' from the 'Create a news story' dropdown
  2. Create a news story dropdownFill in these fields:
    Page name - this will be used as the headline of the article on the archive page. You could use this to make it clear if you are linking to an external website, e.g. 'BBC News: University rises in world rankings'
    News categories - select any categories you want the external article to appear under
    News link URL - the location of the page you want to link to
    Short description - make it clear in the summary of the story that you are linking to a different website
    News story thumbnail image - an image to accompany your story's listing in the news archive. You can upload this to the resources tab
    News story date - the date you want the story to be stamped with on your website
  3. Press Preview and you'll see how your headline and short description will look on the latest news template
  4. Publish as normal. After up to 10 minutes the news story will appear in your news story archive

You can remove a news link by:

  • Unpublishing it
  • Use the controls on the Meta information tab to set the 'off' time and date, after which it will stop appearing on the latest news index

Things to consider

  • Use the headline and short description text to make it clear if you are linking to another website
  • A line of text saying 'This article is located in a different section of the University of Sheffield website.' is automatically added to the latest news index for any CMS internal link, .sheffield or .shef website link you put in
  • A line of text saying 'This article is located on a different website.' is automatically added to the latest news index for any other website link you put in
  • Before you set up a news link, consider whether or not it needs more context than just a headline and short description. If you do need more explanation, or want to pull out a quote or provide additional commentary, then just create a standard news story and link to the external article from there