News widget

What is it?

News widget (automatic) setup

The news widget allows you to promote news stories on your website.

The widget can display between one and five news stories and you can choose whether to show just the headline or the headline and the snippet for each. The headline links to the full article.

You can manually populate the widget with news stories or power it using an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. The manual and automatic versions of the widget look the same when they are inserted in a secondary content area.

Example sources of RSS feeds include the CMS news template, blogs and some social media channels.

How to insert a news widget

  1. Open to edit the page or folder you want to add a news widget to
  2. Click the Secondary content tab
  3. Select News widget (manual) or News widget (automatic) from the dropdown and click Create
  4. For the manual widget, create up to five stories and paste in the story headlines, snippets (optional) and links for each
  5. For the automatic widget, paste in the RSS feed link, choose the number of stories and select whether you want to display the snippets
  6. Click Insert

You can remove a widget by clicking the red cross on the right-hand side of the list of widgets.

RSS feed URLs

RSS feed in Firefox

To use the News widget (automatic) you need to paste in the RSS feed URL. To get this, Firefox users can go to the web page that displays the feed of stories and go to Bookmarks > Subscribe to this page. Copy the link of the page that you are taken to.

If 'Subscribe to this page' is greyed out in the Firefox menu then the page you are on is not generating an RSS feed.

You can find our how to activate the feed for the CMS news template in section 14.1.2 Feeds of the CMS Manual. Contact CMS Support if you need help setting this up.

An RSS feed URL generated by the CMS news template might look something like:

Things to consider

Remember that the news widget can take up quite a bit of space, so think carefully about the number of stories you choose to display, whether you display the snippet and also how many other widgets you are putting on the same page.