What is it?

This is an example of a quote. Use it to reiterate an important point or key information from the article.

OPTIONAL Name of person PLUS  job title, department or course

This feature allows you to display a repeated excerpt from an article in a way that stands out on a page. It is designed to work like a pull quote. Use it to reiterate an important point or key information for readers.

The speech marks on a quote are the same colour as the section that your website sits in. There is also space to put the name of the person who said or wrote the quote.

How to insert a quote

  1. Copy the text you'd like to turn into a quote and position it in the place where you want the quote to appear on the page
  2. Insert your cursor in this paragraph
  3. Press the quote button in the toolbar
  4. Remove any extra unnecessary speech marks from within the quote
  5. Replace 'Quote source/attribution' with the name of the person who said the quote, or remove the 'Quote source/attribution' text completely. The quote source/attribution always appears in upper case style

    Quote button in toolbar

You can remove a quote by selecting the quote and attribution/source fields and then pressing the block quote button on the toolbar again.

Alignment of quote

The appearance of the quote on screen depends on whether you insert it in a layout table and whether you are viewing the web page on a mobile phone. This table summarises how it will look:

Mobile appearance: Tablet/laptop/desktop appearance:
Quote outside a layout table Full width Right aligned
Quote inside layout table Full width Full width within the column of the table

Things to consider

  • Use the source/attribution field to show the reader who has said or wrote the quote
  • A quote is usually a repeat of text within the body of the main text, so you don't have to remove the original quote from the article - you can just duplicate it. The idea of these quotes is that if the quote is removed from the article, the article still remains the same
  • Make sure you position your quote so that there is enough text to wrap around the left side of it on desktop view
  • The easiest way to move a quote is to remove it and then reinsert it manually
  • Use quotes sparingly - maybe one or two in a normal-length article
  • If you are using more than one quote on a page, don't put them too close to each other