Guide to writing for the web: Producing effective content

The 'Writing for the Web' document outlines the considerations and issues that you need to think about when writing content for the web. The guidelines cover:

Background - What makes the web different?

  1. Different from what? - looks at how the web is different to other media.
  2. What this means for users - outlines how people tend to use the web.

Navigation and structure

  1. Navigation - your menus and links.
  2. Routes in to information - how users find their way through your site.

Content and layout

  1. Scannable content - making web pages easy to read.
  2. Style for top-level pages - engaging the user.
  3. Style in general - best practices and 'in-house' style.
  4. Context - pages making sense out of context for users that arrive via a search engine.

Reviewing content

  1. Maintenance
  2. Useful web links

Download this and other guidelines from the User Guides page