Inserting images and videos

Finding your media and inserting it within a page is straightforward when using the media browser.

Whether you're adding a photo or a video, the steps to take are pretty much the same. Let's get started.

1. Select where you're inserting your media

Media can be inserted one of two places:

  • The top of your page beneath the intro text. To do so, click on the Select images or videos button to bring up the media browser.
  • Within your body content. To do so, click the media icon in the toolbar. It too will bring up the media browser.
Click 'Select image or videos' button to bring up the media browser

2. Search for your media in the media browser

    The pop-up browser will display all of your site's media sorted by creation date - most recent in the top left position. If you can't find the file you're looking for then you can use the search functionality.

    To search for a file, either

    • type in the Search field the title, author (username), group name (e.g. 'Engineering') or media type
    • select from the Publishing status drop down (published or unpublished)
    • select from the Media type drop down (image or video embed)
    • type in the Section field keywords from your group name e.g. 'Engineering'

    Click on the Apply button and the media browser will show the files (if any) matching your search criteria.

    Search for your image via the pop-up media browser

    3. Insert your chosen media

    Scroll through the thumbnails until you find the image or video you want to insert. Click on it to select it. A green tick will appear over the image and then finally it will be inserted into your page.

    4. Edit an inserted media item

    For media inserted in the Image or video slot underneath the intro field, simply edit, replace or remove media by clicking on the relevant buttons next to the thumbnail.

    For media in your body content, hover your mouse over the media item and right click for a menu to appear. Select from:

    • Edit Media. Within the pop-up that appears, click on the file name underneath the Embedded entity label to be taken to that media items page. From here you can edit the cropping and naming.
    • If you want to delete the media item from your page select Cut.
    • Select Copy to copy your image to the browser's clipboard. Move your cursor to a new area in the body content area and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V to paste it in the new position.
    Your file can be embedded in either the intro section or the content body

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