About the Internal Website Project

We want to improve the University's internal-facing digital platform. We need your input to make it a success and would really like you to be involved.



To create a secure digital platform within the University of Sheffield for staff and students to easily find and share relevant information that helps to foster an ambitious, inclusive, and collaborative community.

Why we're doing this

The purpose is to improve the user experience of our internal-facing content and publishing platform, which will help to keep staff and current students informed and engaged.

Through the University Website Project we succeeded in enhancing the functionality and design of our public website. We made content more accessible and tailored to the needs of external audiences, such as prospective students. We want to do the same for our internal audiences.

We do not have an intranet or secure and accessible platform for managing and publishing University-wide internal content. This has led to information being dispersed across multiple platforms including our public website.

As a result, content is hard to navigate and keep up to date. Messaging for multiple audiences has become intertwined on pages, which is confusing for users and leaving staff and students feeling frustrated.

At the same time, information about our work, services and people is being accessed and used by external parties without our permission or understanding - a clear information security risk.

How we're doing this

The new platform will be developed iteratively and gradually. We'll go from having no University-wide intranet at all to the first version of one. To do this, we are:

Improving existing content

Working with subject matter experts, we're restructuring pages and menus based on user needs to make information easier to find.

Hosting information on a new secure and supported platform 

As with most University services, a University login will be required to access information and keep it secure.

Showing different content to students and staff

We're creating two dedicated, separate areas for staff and students, so that content, menus and the overall experience can be tailored to each audience.

How we're collaborating with you

We're working closely with departments and services that have internal content, helping them to think about their information, who it’s for and where it should be hosted.

This project involves helping everybody at the University to find information easily. We need feedback, participation and support from staff and students to understand how you navigate our internal content.

We're asking for your input through surveys, interviews and by email. We're sharing updates on our research, designs and project milestones.

We know you're busy and we don't expect everybody to get in touch, but if you have opinions about the future of our internal-facing platform then we'd encourage you to contact internal-website@sheffield.ac.uk or to leave feedback.

Get in touch

If you have CMS questions or are stuck then get in touch and we'll do our best to help.