Content status and website structure

The next stage after completing your website’s content audit is to add your chosen web pages into a site structure document and define the menus of your new site.

Completing this document should be a collaborative process led by the web content team.

Download content status spreadsheet

The content status spreadsheet has been populated with example content from when we migrated the Sheffield School of Architecture site. If you look at it closely and compare it to the live site, you'll see that they differ slightly. Extra pages and menu items have been added with menu items in a slightly different order.

These changes happened after department feedback so, when we complete this document, please be aware that you are allowed to change things later if they don't feel correct when your department tests the site.

The content status spreadsheet contains three pages that all need completing and agreeing on before we can start to build your website.

Page 1: Site structure

A site map depicting the structure of the site's sections and key pages.

Complete this page

Page 2: Menu

How the structure of your dropdown menus will be displayed.

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Page 3: Content status

A list of all the retained pages from your content audit and any newly created ones that will appear on your migrated site.

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